Orienpet lilies

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Ok, you have me convinced that I have to get some. I think that I am going to put some on the protected side of the house, maybe just get 3 to start with.
I saw some lily trees in the springhill book that i was looking at this afternoon. it said it took 3 yrs for them to get to 5-6' tall
I have lots of time I think. We planted a London Plane tree in the front yard for shade, it will take 50 years to reach mature size, and by then it will be too big for the yard. Of course, I will be long dead by then and won't have to worry about it. Hubby wanted it, when I eventually saw the mature size I said, "What the heck did we plant that one for on our 1/3 acre lot???". He is allowed to voice his wants, as they are often denied. Hey, he can park a road grader in our yard if he wants.
I asked about the orienpets today at the garden center and they are not up on them. I have the time to be researching this stuff, so, maybe I peaked some curiosity.
Here are some of my blooms from last year - first year for these. Only the deep orange one got over 3 ft their first year, but I am expecting them to grow more as they age.


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Couple more from 2008


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