Our winter was weird and now my roses suffer.

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My two rose bushes grew great last year. Problem is we started with a really weird winter (both bloomed until almost christmas) now one has died and the other is growing but no flowers no buds no nothing. I am a nature will take care of it kind of person, I only plant what will survive in colder climates then mine, and I water and give a little plant food but other then that I don't do much else unless I have to.

I bought another "cheapy" this year and planted it did really good and then stopped. I'm going to wait the new one out just in case. My neighbor across the street is very anal about her roses and they are doing horrible too.

Any one else have this problem (oh we are in OHIO)
I am in Ohio and I hear ya! I had a rose die that grew great last year and one that almost died. But the rest of them look horrid. I blame it on crazy weather!
The only roses that grow for me are climbers, like blaze, they OLD yellow ones and some white ones. Most of them sucker root suckers.
if you can get hold of bannana skins (or whole fruit) put them around the base of the rose and water with a seaweed extract.we are suffering the effects of 4 years drought and even my roses have suffered ,I was offered this pick me up and it worked.My roses picked up and bloomed lovely.Good luck.

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