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I didn't like seeing this section wit no post. I have been trading post cards on a wonderful forum. Today I got this one from Japan. It is so peacful looking to me. Thought I would share the view. It is a garden in Kyota Japan. My grandson has been keeping track of the cards we get on a nice wall map of the world. Great fun for kids and gardeners...If you would like the link to the site send me a PM.


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Debe, that looks like Bamboo canes. Did you know that Bamboo grows 12 inches a day? The sewing mill that I am employed by...when we're not on lay-off... sews garments that the material is made of Bamboo. It's suppose to be the new "going green" in clothing material. I do have to say, it sure is soft material.
It is really wonderful picture Kay and Peggy...isn't it...has to be my fav so far that we have gotten...
Yes Gloria I know this...I do like bamboo...but it gets so out of control so I never want it in my yard...
Does anyone know of someone that has bamboo to share,,all I want is a section,,they say that just a section will sprout at both ends,I want it to pot it and make a house plant out of it,,,,thank you for your time and kindness,,take care God bless you and your loved ones,,Cassie
Were you guys aware that bamboo ( as a house plant ) is a form of a Bonsai plant? - that is 100% true - * bamboo is hard to get started.( at least I have found so ) I have had several plants over the last several years and currently,I'm down to just 1 stalk ( and it's been the same for going on 4 years now ) Kinda boring plant,but very nice to see! ( I have found that they really don't like to stand in the same water and if you change the water weekly,you will have better luck by having the plant around for a longer period of time ) :)

* I have had bamboo plants in pots btw,but they always seem to do better by just being in an open pot/vase and the water changed every week faithfully! *

- just passing on alittle tip that works for me -
I have never grown it myself. Had a neighbor who did and it took over their yard in a short time. Never thought of growing it as a house plant. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to