Picked 4 cucumbers What's in your garden???

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Today I picked 4 cucumbers from my garden. When I plant my garden I always buy a few plants of some of what I plant in the garden so I can have veggies early. I have one tomato trying to turn as well.
WOW Dale that is great. I picked my first tomato yesterday. I could have let it stay on the vine a couple more days though. While I was watering my garden my granddaughter picked one of my largest green tomatoes from the vine. She almost got a spanking. She told my youngest daughter she wanted her own. She was smart enough to not bring it to me. I have a few banana peppers almost ready.
I jealous. My seeds just went in a week ago. Tomatoes and peppers were started in the gh, the tomatos have flowers but it's been to cool for them to set fruit. :(
I cheated and bought a few plants. I figure the cost of the plants will pay for themselves in a short period of time. Bring on the veggies!!!

Dor that is wonderful that you have a ripe tomato. I have one starting to turn, but I am waiting.
Thanks Dale. My cucmbers in my raised beds looks like they are burning. The ones in pots are doing better.

I just got back from Walmart. I needed to get some more tomato cages. I ended up buying a bellpepper, a Jubilee watermelon, a bush cucumber, a sweet 100 tomato, and another veggie I can't remember right now, I think another bell pepper. I also got some garden and potting soil. A friend of my friend Celeste gave us a lot of plants yesterday so I need to get them in the ground and in pots and plant the rest of my veggies and watermelons today. I am going to rest for a while and then get out there. I need to weed one of my beeds. It has quite a few weeds the other three don't have any.
Dor today is a good planting day for seeds. I plan to get my watermelons planted today.
Lots of blooms on cukes, zucchini, squash, and tomatoes. Fresh veggies can't be far behind.

Fry that green tomato, Dor! It will make the early picking a little less painful!
Thanks Dale for letting me know. I will get those seeds planted. I am going to plant more watermelon seeds and some speckled butterbeans. I will take some pictures later to let you all see my raised bed gardens.

Plamettogal I will fry that tomato and let her eat a little of it too. It will make it less painful for me but not for her. lol
You go Dale. I may not get anymore tomatoes with all this rain. I staked them the other night and they are not on the ground but I bet they split. They were already bigger than a a med/large tomato and still green. I'll have to spray as soons as the rain stops or I'll get fungus. I might just pick what I have green.
The only thing I have planted is some peas. I did buy some tomato plants and will plant them on Sun. along with some cuke and squash plants. I started a couple in side too, not sure how they will do, put them outside under the deck tonight to harden off
Dale..you cheated!!!LOL No fair using cuc PLANTS!!! (Do I sound like a jelous teenager?)
You grow girl...that's great.
I only have cabbage and jalonino peppers so far but I have tiny little squash on my bushes so I know that very soon I'll be frying up a big platter full.
Glad everyone getting fresh veggies from your gardens,have a few thing to sit out yet,we had a frost monday morning.

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