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I already got my seeds from hume seeds. This is such a great site.
I had to pass my free seeds to a friend who lives near the city so they could grow the row for the hungry.
I live so far from a city that getting the produce to the hungry is really a problem.
I do share with everyone around here
I always over plant and give away every year. My goal is to have a self sustaining community garden.
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Yes community garden would be great around here. I live in a village and the food pantry used to be 3 miles away. They moved it here last year so they could have more room. We get families from 3 different counties and currently serving 1300 families a month and the number keeps going up. Last year we had semi truck loads of produce that we gave away and it went fast! When the produce was gone and there were still 3 families that didn't get anything I just brought them down to my garden and let them have at it! The kids had a blast because they had never been in a garden. They got the biggest kick out of my Easter egg plant that wasn't even in my garden.
My hardest thing is getting response from the local gov. agencies as far as requirements. I had a community garden in JAcksonville and it was not as successful as I had hoped. When we moved I have met with lots of people but no one has an interest in even directing me. Wish I had the land and start up money I would just go Non profit insted of community.
CG good luck dealing with those officials. They are maddening to say the least. I heard there was a group here who wanted to start a community garden but finally gave up in frustration.

My last garden was large so I always grew extra. I took my surplus to the homeless shelter and or the Salvation Army. I don’t have much space now but most years have enough to share something. I live in a senior citizens park where some of our residents don’t get enough to eat so I share with them. This year I started too many tomato and pepper plants so I have spoken to these neighbors and I will be planting my extras in their yards. They are thrilled and looking forward to it.
Thanks Bernie. I know how they feel. You would think if someone has the will to help the community for no charge, has donations lined up and volunteers that the gov. would give their blessing. We did a land lease for $1 a year in Jacksonville, and had the blessing of the local gov but location was a problem as was power & water. Here there is a great county owned lot fenced with power and water that actually belongs to the parks dept. and you wqould think they would be all in. Someone tell me what these people have against gardens and feeding the hungry? Grrrr. So on that note I just keep tilling up my yard. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to