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Well everybody, it was finally dry and nice today and I got my tomato plants set out in their Wall-O-Water hot houses... The onions are also out... Sure feels good now that it's getting to be spring...


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We could still get snow too, but the Wall-O-Water tents work just great... I've had it down to 17 degrees, the water inside was frozen, and the plants (tomatoes) did just fine... This is the only way I can get them ready in time for our very early county fair... And of course nothing will hurt the onions... All I have left now is to plant beets and carrots, set out the pepper plants, and my granddaughter needs to set her cabbage out when they are ready...
Dave it will be several weeks before we can set out tomatoes even in Wall o waters
I know I should not envy anyone BUT I kinda envy you right now.
I hope to get a few plants out the beginning of April, we have some wall-o-waters too. I used them when I was younger and growing 3 acres of veggies, we put like a hundred plants out really early. I am a little concerned because it seems that we are in a windy corridor here and the winds get really gusty. I will have to keep a close eye on them.
It is nice to see that we are all getting spring fever.
Spring seems to be a long time coming this year, so I have potted my early tomatoes, the Stupice and Silvery Fir Tree, into gallon pots and kept them them the cold frame. Unfortunately the others are getting largish, too, and I think I'm going to have to pot them up as the ground is still too cold to plant out, even with something like a Wall O' Water.
I was out and planted a couple of tomatoes this morning. or I should say my hubby did. I'm down to one hand and it is hard to do much work so hubby helps. Anyway they are in. I've had them in pots so I could bring them in when it was cold at night. I hope that is over now. The onions, radishes, and carrots are up. hubby did that too. They are really thick but we can thin them. I've planted that thick before. lol
I was going to transplat my beans into my boxes today. I think that I will wait till next week since the temps are dropping this weekend. I'll just bring them in this weekend and then it is suppossed to be 70 again on Monday.
I got to plant some aloe's that my neighbor gave me! I am always reminded of a saying I heard that gardener's make the best friends!
That is true gardeners make the best friends. I've had some friends here for years. I don't know what I would do without them.
I know that they do! Everyone seems to be so interested in everything everyone is doing, and generous to help with advice and plants or seeds. I just love chatting with everyone.

Today I have a little extra help! My 11 yr. old grandson got into trouble today. :( He is with grandma while his dad is at work. I am making him regret what he did for sure. We have to pick up his brother in a few so right now he is sweeping. When we get back he is mowing and sweeping again, then he is moving some rocks that I need moved. He should be tired tonight!!!! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to