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This sounds totally stupid but is there any way I can plant flowers in a vase that have no root or seed?? I know that you can make more plants from cuttings but I am not sure what that is..any help would be appreciated!

Kya D

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If you get curly willow in your arrangement it should root. Sometimes mums will root.
But I don't think you will have much luck with ones that have no roots.


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I root gardenia's,brug,s willow's, in water every summer.Have some rooting now.:)Take the cutting .I take all but a couple leave's off stick them in water.And wait a couple week's.


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I collect glass jars/vases whatever color/sizes (not too wide rimmed though) I take cuttings from all of my houseplants and some shrubs and other things I find interesting around my property or other people's gardens. Just trim off a piece of the stem (I cut or pinch it off right at a leaf node). Then pinch all leaves off that would be submersed in water - like what spiderlilly said -- you don't have to take all of the leaves off -- just the bottom ones -- stick it in a jar with water and give it a couple weeks. I have started hundreds of plants this way. I probally have over 100 jars/vases in my house with starts right now. I just started to plant the older ones in pots and take new cuttings. My husband is always amazed by this. Whenever he or one of the kids or dogs breaks off a piece of one of the plants -- they try to throw it away and mom screams like a lunatic for them to stop LOL They have finally caught on and now I have caught my 15 yr old son actually 'rooting' some pieces that he 'accidentally' knocked off by jamming with his guitar. Hope this helps -- very easy to do-- Good luck is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to