pond cleaning is tough

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Hi friends
We have a small wildlife pond in our garden since last 6 years, and now the lilies and aquatic plants have outgrown their baskets.I would like to clean out the pond and remove all the sludge, but I am worried about the newts, snails, water boatmen and so on.
Please suggest some best ideas.

Thank You


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If you're going to attempt clean-out with your dozer you'll have to get rid of the water. A small excavator would work well to dig a sump in one end and pump the water out. Once you get rid of water and let dry out a bit you should be able to start working the dirt out. Hopefully there is good solid bottom or you might be SOL to clean with your 6.
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Clean pond water for your garden fish pool is not difficult to accomplish if you understand a few basic principles. All fishponds need three things: clean water, fish and oxygen.

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