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I had a spineless prickly pear in my front yard. while I was gone last weekend the neighbor boy broke it off. now what can I do. It has 3 ears on it. is there anything I can do to save it? It was broken off at ground level.
I'm not really a Pro with Cactus but They are a lot of those that are native to where I live. Sometimes I accidentally knock some off when I'm walking but later they seem to be grown back.
I think you can plant the broken piece.We have some here and the take root when left close to the ground.The road grader bumped into one by the road way and broke it down but it's still living.
Just leave it laying on the ground and it will take root at least mine always do when they get broken.
Thanks a friend came over and he helped my hubby replant the cactus. It had laid there for a week. I know those my hubby ran over with the lawn mower came up all over the
lynn it will do fine...I had several of these in Sacramento and the kids were very hard on them and they just kept growing....when the kids broke them off and were not wanting to fess up ...they would just shove them in the ground and away they grew
They are tough!
They survive nicely my zone 5 without problems!
Wish I had the spinless ones!
Most PPs tend to sprawl along the ground rooting as they go!
Leave the pad on the soil surface and they start to send out roots in a week or so!

Lyn, when yours develop fruit I'd love a few seeds!
I would love some seeds too Lyn, if you get some and don't mind sharing for postage. I didn't know they grew in zone 5.
Quite a few are hardy to zone 3/4!
I have some pincushion types that are winter hardy to zone 3!!
My PPs become all wrinkled with temps down into the 10F range! They do that to reduce surface area! They look odd until the weather warms in the spring! Then they pads fill out and plump up!
Re: Spineless Prickly Pear

:), I would like some of the spineless also...i have the ones with the "stickers" and the little ones are always forgetting and getting into them and then we have to pick them out with light bread,,,if you have any seeds to share I would gladly pay postage,,..and I am also looking for any kind of stickerless cactus,,thank you for your time and kindness,,take care God bless you and your loved ones,,,Cassie:D
Just place your ears on the ground and slightly pus in the the sand around the edges, it will grow and you will have plenty to share;)
Good luck with it. You can just plant the individual pads. I hear a lot of stories like that, i guess kids like beating up cactus.
Thats why im going to plant mines in the back yard.
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