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Wow, I am very impressed with how healthy everything is looking on day 22 of my gardening adventure. I am learning patience and understanding that every day makes a massive difference in the lives of my plants. Everything is either flowering, fruiting, or sprouting. Half of the sprouts in my garden are coming up, I am trying to not lose hope for those that aren't yet. We just had 4 days of very cold, wet weather. The average was 40F-50F and it rained about 4-6 inches spread out over the 4 days. I thought this was going to harm my plants but it seems that the cool weather is alright as long as it doesn't freeze.

I have been pulling some weeds that are sprouting, there is also a lot of green debris around the dirt from all of the rain and heavy winds. I also have been making sure to pull off or cut off any dead or damaged growth on any of my plants.

Check out the progression - I have started a new thread since my other one has gigantic pictures to load. I have posted day1 pictures and day22 pictures and some in between for comparison. Yes in as little as 3 weeks you can see ripening fruit, I encourage anyone who is pondering the idea of starting a garden to do so! It is very rewarding!


Day 1 -
Day 22 -
Day 22 -
Day 22 -

Husky Red Cherry Tomatoes:
Day 1 -
Day 7 -
Day 22 -

Spicy Globe Basil:
Day 1 -
Day 22 -

Blackberries, Raspberries, Chippewa Blueberry bush:
Black & Rasp Day 1 -
Rasp Day 1 -
Rasp Day 22 -
Rasp Flower Day 22 -
Black Day 1 -
Black Day 22 -
Black Flower Day 22 -
Chip Blue Day 1 -
Chip Blue Flowers Day 11 -
Chip Blue Day 22 -
Chip Blue Flower Day 22 -

In-Ground Garden:
Two Broccoli and Emerald Bell Pepper Day 15 -
Two Broccoli Day 22 -
Broccoli Buds1 Day 22 -
Broccoli Buds2 Day 22 -
Emerald Bell Peppers Day 22 -

Herbs and my two new cherry tomato hybrids:
Sweet Basil and Rosemary Day 22 -
"Supersweet" Cherry Tomato Hybrids Day 22 -

Flytraps Day 1 -
Flytraps Day 22 -
Flytraps2 Day 22 -

Yes with the flytraps I keep them moist and i do cut off EVERY SINGLE DAMAGED HEAD and any damaged growth. I also feed them insects I catch very often. Growing very well! Please leave comments and I will answer any questions. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to