Purple Corn

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I don't know why it shouldn't be. What variety did you plant? Ruby Queen has a very dark purple stalk and the ears ripen off to a rich red, although if you let them go that long they are pretty much inedible.
Several types of corn have purple shades on the plant.
I am sure that if it matures the ears should be fine.
I have some purple stalks toom but I planted a row of corn that some people call Indian Corn. We won't eat that, but will use it for decoration. I planted four rows of sweet corn.
I was looking at the stalks yesterday afetr I read the above and I see some purple stalks in the sweet corn also. I think I have about three varieties of the sweet corn planted.
i planted regular ol sweet corn, not sure exactly which variety at the moment as I don't have the seed packet in front of me. From researching online I found that it could be from stress or phosphorous deficiency, and the ears may be void of any edible kernels when harvested, just kinda dried up ears. I pulled one a few days back & it was dry, with a worm inside...this is the first time I've planted corn, so I wasn't sure if it was just cuz I picked it a little early to check it out & maybe if I wait the remaining ears will develop more plump kernels, or if they're all doomed!
update on my purple corn... pulled back another, more mature ear lastnight & it did look a little better than that first one I tested. It has kernels, but it could look better, some spots were void. And of course there were worms in it! little cream colored ones with black heads, kinda turns me off from even trying to eat them. I hate waste though, so i'm thinking if I just cut the kernels off the cob, it'll be easier to see any critters & avoid accidentally eating one.

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