Purple Martin's

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When I took my little dog out this morning I heard the chirpping of a martin.
I looked up and there they were soaring on the breeze.My Dad alway's said when the purple martin's return it's just a few weeks till Spring.:)
I put up a large Martin house but the sparrows moved in and won't let the Martins have it. Always heard that the Martins would run the sparrows off. Sparrows have been in residence several years.
Purple Martins have be come a real pest here, they run off all the other birds and make a mess of the gardens they even gone after my dog and that makes me mad as heck, with any luck the blue jay will run them off this year or put up a good fight
I remember seeing them when I lived in Texas, but we don't have them here in Oregon.
People love Martins here in SC and other areas because of the amount of mosquitoes they eat. It is said that one Martin will eat up to 2,000 mosquitoes in a day.
I have a great spot for a Martin house. DH builds me bird houses of all kinds when he feels well. I keep asking him to build a Martin house but I think he is worried about being able to get it up high. Over the years he has just slowed way down. If I can get him to build one I'll have my son put it up.
Right now we have Robins by the thousands. It is so cool because they have just taken over my garden in the mornings.
I love to sit and watch them flying in feeding the young.They catch alot of bug's.They fly over the pond and dive down hitting the water skimming the top.
The purple martins come to our pond to drink every morning and evening! we have gotten to where we watch for them. They are fun to watch diving and hitting the water!

When I lived in KS when we saw a robin we knew Spring was right around the corner....well what i did not realize is Robins are always here ...so I was really confused!!!
Funny how the signs of spring are so different in each part of the country!
That's so true Treva we have Robin's here year round too.We have alway's watched for the return of the Martin's.I saw a few more this morning checking out the house's.
Our house and gourds are ready for the martins. Should see a scout any day now. I heard there have already been scout sightings on Bomb Island at Lake Murray. If you're an enthusiast that is one heck of a sight to see. Hundreds of thousands of martins roost there every year. It is the largest roosting/breeding ground in N America. They have evening cruises out to the island. I don't know why I've never been because I don't live but about 30 minutes away! Will have to put that on my "things-to-do" list for this year.
We have robins and doves here all year long, but we will have many more when the migrant birds return.
Starting to stress a little because I have yet to see a scout. Anyone else notice the martins arriving later than usual?
Funny thing...must have stressed them into showing up. I was out watering in the garden this morning and saw a gourd move out of the corner of my eye. Didn't see a purple martin but told my husband to keep an eye out. When I got to work he called and said "we have martins!". What a difference a day makes!

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