Putting indoor fish out!

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Hello my Friendly knowledgeable PONDERS :D
Can you be ever so kind and help my fishies and me out:D

Any words of wisdom?
I need to bring my dearly beloved fish back out to the 90gal "Water Garden" (not allowed to say pond here (in this part of Mi. *lol) someone may send an ordinance fella out to make money*lol) and I need to bring my little fishies out to feel the sun (pond in wrong location,I followed "expert advise") and swim in more water!
I have a few ideas but need to know what to do, I do not want to shock and kill them, they are all growing up now and rather special:D:D
I filled the pond (ooops, forgot, not allowed to say pond*lol) in March.It has been covered with a netting and mini greenhouse hasn't gotten direct sunlight as of yet this year. I used tap water. I have not tested the water temps,looking for my water thermometer...have not conditioned it .Nothing was added as of yet.

****Any painless advise I'll take.
My ideas are a little dramatic and time consuming I know there has to be an easier way.

Thanks a bunch and I will post pics of my fishies for you once they get out there:D:D and soak up the SUN*lol

What I do when moving my fish is to capture them ever so gently, I try to have a large bag ready that has water from where they are now. You can use a large zip lock baggie for each fish if you need to, or if you have a large enough bag to hold all the fish that's good too. I put the bag in a contaier to hold it open, fill it with water from the current home and then put the fish in and seal the bag. I then float the bag in the NEW home for several hours allowing the temp to adjust , this is to keep the fish from shocking. When everything looks good I just open the bag and allow the fish to swim out. This sometimes can take a little time but it's worth the effort;)
What kind of fishies are you talking about?
My dozen, or so, Rosy Minnows and 1 black/gold Fantain Goldfish stay out all winter with just the pump working (I disconnect the water falls from November until late March).
There's only one goldfish because the racoons can't see him because of his dark black/gold color! The Rosy Minnows are too fast for the coons to catch!
All are fine and went through the cold months nicely, even with a 2" layer of ice!
I agree with CG cuz that is just what they have you do with aquarium fish.
Just get them use to the new water temp.
Putting indoor fish out!

I'd put them out using water...

How did they catch on fire in the first place? ;)

OK, I've got to agree with the other guys, treat them just like big tropical fish, and try to let them acclimatize. They probably aren't as delicate as tiny tropicals anyway.
Ok Crabber, I knew to do that, something to do with their swim bladder
(an internal organ) only I don't know when my fishies water will be the same as the pond water. Thanks for the bright idea of the large ziplock!
I have some:D I was thinking small bags floating about. I have..hem hem...had 10 fish I think my new stray kitty that found my home to be hers stole 2 when the cover was off.:( I now have 8 :)
..Must I buy another water thermometer?
Catching them will be a breeze,*lol they all come right to me

They were feeder fishes, comet and goldfish they are 3years old were itty bitty when I bough them :)
and about or up to 5 inches long.
I lost my huge ones last year, someone killed them; a raccoon or something him; I will spare you the details of what he looked liked at 6am.when I went to go say hi and feed them.

Scarez, yes a FISH SPA 90 gallons after 20 is a dream come true.
I'm just trying to keep their enemies away..

As far as over wintering, I did in 07-08 with just my mini greenhouse and heavy plastic covering with a simple bubbler Everything was wonderful when I opened the pond in 08, then Aug came and green was horrifying to look at.

I cleaned my pond out last year, I couldn't bear to see the green water.
I filled it many weeks ago (this year) and have it covered still.
My pump is on, I will check within the next few days or so.

don't let my daughter hear you say fire and fish in the same sentence she keeps threatening them she will put hem in the fryer*lol She also tells my fish to be quiet ...she is a funny child.
She threatens to pluck my birds feathers and cook them up to when they won't stop whistling in the early am *LOL I do start them off by whistling to them (very quietly*lol) they sorta work as an innocent alarm*lol

Scarez, What kinds of candy did Bob get *LOL*
If I were home today about 3pm I would have let my neighbor (few doors down) know that her cage was clean and she can go back in now.
So you were quite nice to Bob*lol
At least he can go outside and play, my poor pathetic neighbor would be stuck in a cage just the right size that would keep her body parts from extending ...thus not able to damage other peoples property. long story. .I am not as upset as I was actually,
I came back to realize how pathetically miserable she is.

Ron, are you happy now?
You know what kind of fish.
I am poor I buy feeders, 10 for a dollar *LOL I do persuade, the netter (fish catcher employee with the net in frontof the fish tank that has the fish I want to purchase but will take for free if offeed *LOL) to get me the most colorful ones.I love the ones that have black or white markings. They grow up to be the prettiest, although they are all loved:D and cared for equally .

Bob do you have a pond!??
I know you have a camera*LOL
and a photography forum I never get a chance to visit....
I am awake for 16-19 hours each day and nearly dented my list of "Stuff To Do"

Scarez, who is your avatar of? (just curious*lol ) you know curious me *LOL

Oh, Crabber how many hourz!????????

Kale :)
Should I condition the water with the Barley Hay liquid stuff?
It was covered and I already see a tiny slight green..
Rescue me please...
What must I put in the water and how long after can my fishes go in?
I do love my pond just wish I can actually enjoy it.

Eventually my pond will be done. I'm going 3 feet deep with it so I don't have to bring my fish in for winter. Is there an algae eating fish that you can put in a pond?
You don't have to go 3 feet if you will cover WELL and put a bubbler in an enclosed container.
My pond is 19 inches deep and I have over wintered my fish with no problem.

Yes, It is said snails and algae fish but then it reads they aren't so wonderful and the snails multiply like madd.
It is going to take a bit of work.
When I get focused, I find it a little too time consuming, I still haven't mastered it as you can tell. I often get discouraged and just change the water and eventually empty it.
I can not deal with green water.
Trying to do what 2 "experts" tell me is a confusing situation.
Maybe I will just call a man I met that has a big pond I am yet to go see.
He is a senior that doesn't live too far from me.
I often see him at events. I also have a few acquaintances that have ponds that claim they have no problems *LOL
I would suggest having the balance of plants *(which I can't afford, no how, no way) for when the pond is ready.Covering 3ths of the surface.
No DUCK WEED! when a filter is running,it will look extremely beautiful then ...your filter can burn out from their roots .Actually Several plants will do that.they multiply like MADD.

I would also suggest shade; I saw a pond in shade and was floored as to how crystal clear with no care or additives and fish! Although it was in June, they claimed they don't have a algae problem, it did sound foreign to them. Had no idea that may have been an issue for ponders*LOL

I do not have a place in shade therefore it is is sun and even with my greenhouse on it and the filter going; I see a slight green already.

I have several other issues I am working with outdoors and in, if I think to actually take the time out I will call a few people I will let you now what I am advised. Ponding is a subject I nearly avoid because I never get direct answers, no matter how much research and inquiring I do; for a few years now. I do want to catch the parts (info) I’m missing and then I will be a happy ponder.

I may just pull it and put it in my very back corner above ground level because there is a tree there that drapes over into my yard, I am quite certain that I will not be able to dig there.
I'm confused therefore I will wait for replies..

Calling All Ponders..
HELP! *lol

Should not take too long maybe 1-2 You have to be very careful that they don't run out of O2. I use my hand to test the temp between the 2 containers. You can usaully tell if it is over 10* diff. As long as you don't just dump them in they should do fine.
Floating barley bales do better and give the little fishies a place to hide;) Both stages of my ponds are in full hot sun about 6-10 hours a day. As long as you keep the water moving and offer them shade by way of plants, barley bales, and I even cut branches to lay across the top if it is really hot, they will be ok. Direct sun causes water quality issues but they can be controled by the barley and plants. Those both add oxygen and transform nitrites and nitrates into useable food for plants which lowes toxic levels in your pond. It is very much like aquairums only on a larger level. Just apply what you already know. Plants and barley become your biological filters;)

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