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I want to grow the bird house gourds but I was wondering if I could grow them in with the corn? Only wanting to plant maybe 3 or 4 plants. Thanks for your help! Theresa:)
Ahhh! If memory serves me right, birdhouse gourd vines are enormous and would more then likely overwhelm your corn! Years ago, when I was experimenting I had mine growing on a high fence! The vines competely covered it and had to train a lot of them back onto the fence! The gourds developed best while hanging on the fence rather then on the ground!
Do you have an arbor?
I have 3 arbors. There is one that I don't have anything planted around it yet.:eek: Guess I will plant the gourds on that one. But I do have a fence that I can plant them on too. So will I be able to plant those little mini pumpkin ones in with my corn?
I agree with Ron gourds get so big I try to plant them on a fence. I had a friend who planted near a tree and in the fall it looked like his tree had some really wierd fruit hanging on it.
Yup! Gourds are prolific in producing dense foliage and very long vines.
I actually had to use panty hose, or nylons, because the weight of the fruit was loosening the vines from the fence.
They do need panty hose support!:eek:
The mention of gourds reminds me of a song titled "Follow the Drinking Gourd". I played that song today at the nursing home for the residents there. There was a mention in one of the stories I read to them today about the "Underground Railroad". The drinking gourd in the song is the constellation of the big or little dipper and the north star was the direction to follow to freedom.
I grew some one year and I love them but DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT place them anywhere near a productive plant. They took over the whole garden. And me I can't kill a plant so they just ranamuck. I still have volunteers show up and it has been several years. I now toss the seeds in the natural wooded areas around my house and let them climb the trees.
Heh, the first time I grew luffa gourds I thought someone had played a trick on me and given me kudzu seeds instead. Luckily I had put them near a fence, but they grew up into a row of crape myrtles and practically had their own eco-system going.
Thanks All!

I now know where I am going to plant them. I have a tree at the very back of the property next to a field. Since they will grow up a tree that will work! Thanks all for your help! Theresa :D is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to