Quick fix for tall perennials

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After almost 30 years of gardening I finally figured out what to do with my tall perennials that would have a stem or two that would fall over, forever I would try to fence them together or tie them up and It dawned on me one day a couple of years ago to just cut off the drooping ones near the bottom of the plant. It works and is much quicker than trying to fix it..
I can't bring myself to do that. I guess I'll just keep staking and caging my plants. I even go out and shake flowers that are weighted down by the rain.
I use them too. I find tomato cages are better for most flowers then they are for tomatoes.
I use cut down tomato cages or make my own little trellis or plant (Autumn Joy) Sedum in front or cut down in about mid June before blooms or cut down the outer ones and they will bloom later giving a fresh new set of blooms to fade out the older ones. Or place little garden decor in front.
One thing I have learned is if you don’t water so much (drought perennials for Bf and Hummers) and give it the sun it requires it wont grow so leggie.

I strongly suspect water is what makes them so leggie along with lack of that hot direct sunlight.

Now for chives and a few others; I cut part of the plant down a few times rotating, the outsides all around then the inside clump.
I get nearly constant blooms. Dames Rocket is still blooming, not much because I didn't pay much attention but it is. Oh, also if you cut honey suckle down in late June early July, it may bloom now*
Well as the story goes the lovely next door homeowner (yes she is still at killing my plant life waiting on a court date I have her recorded) * poured and sprayed weed killer (of some kind) and nearly killed it I went and put compost on it and prayed for the best, it recovered and is now blooming. Not sure if cutting would give the same results as a weed killer but...that's the story. Take it as you do.. I will try cutting some down next year to see if I get late Sept-early October blooms.


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