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1. I will take sign up's from now till June 15th, that way you will have 2 weeks to shop..

2. Email me you address and zone # also if you have 3-4 flowers you would really like that are red,white or blue.

3. Package must contain Red,White & blue flowers Seeds for the 4th of July. You may add anything else you would like to send your secret person.

4. Package must be mailed with a delivery conformation number, which you will post here in this link for others to see.

5. Package must be mailed by June 27th.

6. Please post that you received your box of goodies, and tell us if you wish what you got, pic's are always nice too.

7. Enjoy and have fun shopping for your secret person.

Karen : )
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I would so love to do this but money's tight right now hubby work's with GM dealership.Thing's don't look good got to save and cut corner's.Maybe later when we see what happen's.:)
Spider I am so sorry to hear your news. Maybe things will get better, that's my prayer.
Oh Spider. I feel for you. I use to work for GM in sales and I am so glad I am not in that boat right now. Prayes to you.
Sunflower, this a great idea! I wish I could participate, but we will be vacationing with the grand kids.
just a few days left, anyone else want to secret exchange????
1. richnkim
2. crabbergirl
3. sunflower3
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