reel lawn mowers

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Anyone here have a reel lawn mower? What kind and do you like it?

I'm about to replace my electric and pretty sure I'll get a reel again.
I have one but use it rarely. The gas mower has a bagger. Sure is handy to collect those clippings.
I've seen a reel mower with bagger attachment.
Some reel mowers are self-sharpening. Be on the lookout for this feature.


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You know the advantages of reel lawn mowers. They start every time. They’re much quieter than gas-powered mowers, so quiet that you can mow early Sunday morning without waking the neighbors. They’re fuel-free unless you count those bowls of cereal or that power your engine. They don’t degrade air quality (lawn mower engines are terribly inefficient and emit the hydrocarbons per amount of gas burned than auto engines). Not only are reel mowers great for the environment, they require little maintenance and are a great means of exercise. And, they’re cheaper than gas-powered mowers, both in initial outlay and operating costs.
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We have a Scott's reel mower that doesn't work on our lawn. I don't know what kind of grass it is, but it is very thick and dense, especially in the front yard. We also have some fairly steep slopes. My husband has a coworker who uses a Brill reel mower and loves it, so we borrowed it and it didn't work on our lawn either. I'd love to be able to use a human-powered mower, and they seem to work well on thinner, flat lawns, but we've given up on them for now.
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