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Was in Home Depot, they had plants marked down over watered and root bound, I got pink & purple primroses and purple mums, have repotted them all and they are doing wonderful. Has anyone else rescued plants at all.
Last year I went to wal-mart and they GAVE me 20 plants all were perennials and it looks like about 18 of them are coming back this year. I was so tickled to get them. And for FREE
Great Miss Dawn! I was at Lowes and they were selling some orchids for $2.00 each but I didn't get them. Not sure about them.
This is the time of year that you can get them cheap or free. They have such and abundance. I'm going by walmart tomorrow.
Back in Mi at the local Walmart I scored tulips & daffodils for .50! Wish the Walmart down here took better care of the plants I have yet to see them mark plants down.
I have rescued many plants from walmart, lowe's and home depot. I have all kinds of $2.00 orchids that bloom for me. I have gotten palms, philodendrons, perennials. Speaking of which I have to water orchids in the morning gotta put a note on the fridg.
Shoot, I pull over and get "dead" plants out of people's trash piles all the time. Last year I got two butterfly bushes and a large rose of sharon the came back nicely. The year before that I got several Mexican sages from one house, and all but one looks great.
I got a sadly wilted orchid at Lowes for a buck. It still looks sad, but I notice that it has a new leaf sprouting. For a buck I thought that I should give it a chance.
I got some annuals today at lowe's 25 cents for a six pack. I wanted to get some Hydrangeas they had for $3, $4 and $5. They were nice. The ones that only had one plant in it was $2. I went to get compost, manure, and topsoil so I didn't get many plants. I got 2 Celebrity tomatoes and 1 Roma for $1.50. They were by Burpee in quart containers marked down from $3.47.
Those are good ones, Miss Dorothy. I think I have 4 Romas in the greenhouse. There are 12 other tomatoes too in the flat.
I have some other tomatoes coming up too Randy. The Celebrity is one that I found on the Texas A&M list as on of the tomatoes that thrive in the Texas heat. My yellow straight neck Squash is about 5 inches tall. I am going to try hardening them off tomorrow. I used a heating pad to germinate some of the seeds and it worked better than the plant heat mat.
I was in the food outlat store today and got 6 house plants in 8 inch pots for $2...they need a bunch of tender loving care but I think they will do well..
HD has the one gallon Azealas on sale for $1.49, I have to check those out tomorrow. If you need some mulch they have all natural bark mulch $2 for a 2 cubic foot bag and assoted 4.5 inch pot of annuals 3 for $1.
I bought a sad looking Winter Rose Poinsettia from Wal-Mart for 50 cent.
I have repotted it it's got green leave's coming on it now.But speaking of Walmart I worked there for 13 yrs they threw away ton's of potted plant's and shrub's.But they would'nt give them to us.It was sad to see them being trashed when someone would have loved to have them.ME for one.I have a Orchid I bought for $1.00 but it's very sad.
The plants I bought for 25 cents per 6 pack at Lowe's are Celosia. I would have bought a few more but some had some insect damage and didn't want to bring them home but I guess I could have used some homemade insecticidal soap on them. Oh well, I am going back Monday so I will look for more deals like that. My yardman is here right now but can't prune my hedges, crepe myrtles, large hibiscus' for me. He said he would be back Monday. My arthritis has flared up so I can't do very much right now.
Shoot, I pull over and get "dead" plants out of people's trash piles all the time. QUOTE]
You are a woman after my own heart. I do that all the time. I've done it so much here in our park that from time to time I find plants on my door step. A few years ago I came home and found two boxes of irises! Last spring a lady stopped by and said she just knew her irises would be happy in my yard. Turns out when they moved she had asked her husband to dig up the irises she had tagged. She said he doesn't hear well so he dug them all up. :)
I recycle anything and everything I can. My neighbors know it so during the spring I find flower pots in my carport all the time. The ones I can't use I take to the conservation society.
Our Wal-Mart, HD, Lowe’s here won’t give away anything, they’d rather toss them. Usually at the very, very end of the season they will reduce the price of plants drastically but by then there isn’t much to pick from and if you don’t get there fast enough they are all gone.
our walmart throws away the plants, they had tulips and other bulbs after easter last yr for 50 cents, i bought a couple, told friends and family about them, they went over and they had thrown them all away, my mom told them that ppl would buy them if they didn't throw them away, can't go wrong getting some bulbs for 50 cents is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to