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FlowerChild says
Hi! I just thought I'd tell you how I do mine! (My son, who's a picky eater loves them!) I rub them with any seasonings I choose and wrap them in foil. Then I cook them for approximately 4 hours in the oven on 275 degrees. I put them in the fridge to cool off because they seem to come out tastier if they can sit awhile before I put them on the grill. When I grill them, I put sauce on them and cook till the sauce is as thick and darkened as we like! (Cooling them in the fridge also seems to help the sauce stick a little better! Enjoy!!

GrannyRose says
Randy, I season my ribs with a dry rub the day or night before I grill them. I put on the grill and cook slowly. You can baste them with a mixture of worcesteshire sauce, lemon juice, and vinegar with a small amount of brown sugar if you like to make tender. Add your barbecue sauce when they are almost done, otherwise they will burn.

I realized I have the instructions for the kids cookbooks all typed up, you just have to know that you don't want to run any other piece of meat that long. Ribs are very sensititve to the heat which is to say they'd rather cook than smoke so you have to force the issue by not allowing the heat to stay up if it doesn't feel hot enough to cook but you are getting smoke it's perfect. I have had to play this game of let it smoke for a few minutes then open the grill to cool the heat and dampen the charcoal. You should be able to control the heat by not building a massive fire - you won't need it - and closing off all the vents once it's ready to cook. Allow air as needed.

Note 1: I tried the method proposed by FlowerChild and I didn’t really allow enough time for the ribs to cool before I had to get them on the grill. Next time I do them, I will cook the ribs in the oven as prescribed and leave them in the refrigerator until the next day to do the grilling.

Note 2: The next time I tried them, I cooked the ribs the day before I wanted to serve them. They cooled in the refrigerator until the next day. I should have unwrapped them though and allowed the fat to drain. I scraped it off with a knife. The next time I did allow the fat to drain before refrigerating, then I cut a limb from the apple tree and cut into small chunks for fuel in my smoker. I left the ribs in the smoker for three hours under low heat. They were really good.
I think you are talking me into making rbos Friday or Saturday too Randy. I am going to try Flowerchild's recipe. I had a recipe for brisket cooked in the oven but can't find it to save my life. It was delicious. I got it from a co-worker.
We are supposed to have rain on Friday, but that won't keep me from doing the ribs. I need to do dinner on Wednesday also, but I haven't made up my mind on that one yet. I did lentil soup and corn bread for today and that stuff is really good. Bobbi kept telling me about how good it was and I finally tried it. By golly, she was right. This was the third time I have made it and I think it was the best yet.
Me too!!!!

Think I'll ask DH to make Ribs on his next day off....LOL!!! If he looks at me weird I'll just say it's Randy's fault.....LOL!!! YUMMY!!! Randy, those recipes sound TOOOOOOOO good.....LOL!!!
I'm sure looking forward to them myself. I still have to come up with something else for tomorrow though. I have to pick up my wife at the train depot in Salem tomorrow afternoon, so whatever I make has to either be made ahead of time or really quick to fix when I get home. We settle for pizza a lot of times under those conditions, but for as much as I like it, it isn't the best meal nutritionally. I think it may be time to grill some steaks.
I do my ribs entirely differently but the same principle. I like to boil them first and then cool them. then I put my grill rub on them grill them a while put the sauce on them to finish up. I think the cooling is part of what makes them so tender.
don't have a smoker. should get one
Lyn, my mom liked to boil hers too when she used to cook ribs but we took over once we started attending 4-H.

HEB has them on sales for 87 cents lb if you have them in Austin. I was going to thaw some out but guess I might buy a slab and just season them tomorrow and put them in the oven and let them cool and put on the grill. I have a top part here I can grill them. I will add some water in the bottom to let them smoke. I have a place about 3/4 mile form my house that sells woods so I will stop and buy some. I will cook some pinto beans and make some potato salad to go with them and make a green salad.

My youngest sisters husband and my next to the youngest sister can really make some great ribs but they live in Arkansas. I don't get theirs too often.
Dorothy, many is the time I wish I lived closer to you so we could share stuff. I have a bucket full of apple wood that I cut before, but it is pretty dry now, so I would have to soak it to keep it from burning too fast. But I can cut a branch from the apple tree now and the sap is still running. So it is just right for smoking. Those are branches that will come off in the next pruning anyway. I'll take my ribs out of the freezer today and cook them tomorrow, then put in the smoker on Friday afternoon.
I have some ribs in the oven now. Using your recipe Randy. Tomorrow we will put them on the grill or the smoker when the game comes on at noon. I made my potato salad today. We like it better after it sits in the fridge overnite so all the flavors blend together. Will have baked beans to go with the ribs and potato salad and cornbread. I'm hungry now just talking about it.
I took my smoker to our church last spring for a seniors potluck and provided ribs. Of course I had to watch the smoker pretty carefully, because several people arriving at church asked if it was supposed to be smokinbg like that. I was afraid someone might unplug it. LOL
Wow Randy I may give your recipe a go, it sounds mouth watering! Also if it's recommended by M/s B it must be good!
They have been a hit around here. The first time I did ribs, I did them on the gas grill. Some of them were cooked just right and some of them were too well done. I opted to use the smoker after that and have been really happy with the results.

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