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I mentioned in another thread that I have been offered as many cuttings from roses as I want I thought I might add a thread on rose propagation from cuttings....When I was little my granny always took a cutting and shoved it in the ground and put a mason jar over it and left it for the fall and winter...come late spring she would take the jar off dig up the new rose bush and have a wonderful new rose... I have done this and it works very well...
But for the most part I start them in pots in the greenhouse and this is what works for me...I find that year old growth works the best ….about the size of a pencil….take your cutting at about 6 inches long with a few nod/buds on the stem ….Some people insist you remove any leaves …but I have not found it makes any different….The older woody stems will not grow as well, if at all… also remember the best success come from the older style roses and climbers …the hybrid tea seem to not have as high of success rate….you can coat with a rooting hormone bought at you local garden center, But I prefer to use willow water I make myself….I strip back a bit of willow bark…. any type of willow…and cover the bark with water…let the bark soak for a few days…once I take my cuttings I soak the cuttings in the willow water for a day … Take a sharp knife and cut the end at an angle and I slightly smash the end…Plant in pots at 2 inches deep…I use an organic starting mix …water well and allow to drain …then I place baggies over the plants and let them be…I do make sure the soil stays moist…but pretty much nothing more…and in about a month I take the baggies off and have wonderful new plants…
Please add any tips you might have ...
Thank you Flowers for the tips. I have my cuttings in my house in a south facing window and did what you suggested with the ziploc bags. All my cuttings over 60 have takken over with new leaves and looking healthy except my altissimo. I check one pot of them this morning and no new growth at all, the second pot has some new buds on 6 out of 11 with nod/buds gowing. The other 5 pots has lots of new leaves but when I tug on some they are not holding. I still have a little while to go before a month is up on some. A few will be 30 days Sunday. This is my first time of having any success with propogating my roses.
I am so impressed with the number of roses several members have here. I only have 9 and would like to add that many more with my cuttings, some trades, and purchases. I am like you I can always add more
I have one that I rooted when I was a little girl.My Dad and I went to an old home place where he grew up there was a huge rosebush.He said his Mom my GM planted it.She had passed away I barely remember her.He got several cutting of this rose.And you know how kids have to help.I had to plant one to.My cutting was the only one of the bunch that rooted.That's been 41 yrs ago.I still have this rose from cutting I have taken over the years.This is a picture of it.


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I was watching a gardening show last summer pr late spring when a fellow on the show demonstrated how to do a rose cutting. I thought it looked pretty easy so I decided to try it although it was probably several months later. The first attempt, I took all the leaves off, but I got to wondering if I shouldn't have left the top ones on. I did some research on the internet and I found I should have left a couple of the leaves on the top. So I did two more cuttings with a couple of leaves still attached. Of the four cuttings, both with leaves survived and rooted well. One of the other cuttings survived after I had planted it without any leaves,and it rooted and grew new leaves. So 3 out of 4 attempts was pretty good for a first try.
Randy , I always leave tsome of the leaves on...When I first started rose propagating from cuttings on my own. I was told to not leave them on. But I find they do better with a few left on...
I alway's leave at least 2 or 4 leave's on my cutting's they seem to do better.
I cut the piece's I think will do well dip them in TakeRoot then put them in a pot of rich soil or just stick them in the dirt somewhere.
That's pretty much what I did, Spider. I used regular potting soil in a 4" pot. I did use a pencil to poke a hole in the potting soil so I wouldn't rub all the rooting hormone off when I stuck the cutting in.
Thank You!

WOO HOOO!!!! Thank You for posting this with all this info in my head...I need to locate roses to cut on!:D

I dont have any roses but.....I will have now!:cool:
I've tried rooting roses and failed but I think I'll give it another try using these directions. I've never been one to give up easily!
I haven't had luck in the past Gloria but finally found some instructions that worked. I think it is the ziplock bags
I didn't use any bags, but another important point is that I had the cuttings on the back porch which faces north. I watered them every day, but they did not have any direct sun exposure that way, so they stayed moist from one day to the next. I'm sure if I had put them in the greenhouse or in direct sun, they never would have made it.
actually really don't want them in direct sunlight to begin...When I do them I keep them on the floor of the greenhouse under the lower do want to keep them warm though...and most importantly don't let the soil dry out or get soggy...the bags over the top really are important in keeping the soil moist...
Agreed Randy.
Full bright SHADE is where I put my cuttings,also use a giant Ziplock bag instead of a
jar, only because I tend to be very busy come tending cuttings time and dont have time to watch them at watering time.I lost many from just sitting them in a little bit of water.Would have worked fine if it was indoors*lol It seems to rain and then the plant stays in that water.I use bags (mini greenhouses now) to avoid the drowning .
I guess you would need some willow bark after
taking a sharp knife and cutting the end at an angle and then "slightly smashing the end" *LOL…
All jokin aside,why do you smash the end?
do you think it actually roots faster ?
I have given a tiny cut upward but not wasnt certain if that helped.
And yes, Hybrid Teas are a bit harder to get going,well, my climbers at least.I will try them again,they were new "08 .

Grandifloras root readily, although they are Hybrid Teas. Polyanthas will take if you just stick them in the ground, no tending needed*lol I couldn't believe how easy they were.

Has anyone tried winter rooting in water ?
Any success stories?
I wonder if it would be strong enough to make it through a winter outdoors after being planted outside in the spring before.

I leave some leaves on although I have gotten blooms from my Blue Girl that didnt have a leaf on her, but..that is when she was planted outdoors and going through the season.I found it a bit curious.
This year, I went to the dollar store and they had fresh cut roses for a dollar each, so I bought 4 from the dollar store.
I then went to Aldis and they had a nice arrangement for 1.99 (the 16th) and one bunch from Aldis.Then I went to the dollar store again and was told I can have their roses that didn't sell for Valentine's Day so I ended up with over 30 rose cuttings!
I had to take all leaves off of most.They sorta just came off with not effort.
I cleaned them up and now wondering if I want to try to root them all.I also have several other plant cuttings that I am hoping will go to seed, not sure what will happen.
Here are the roses.I don't know their names,, there are may-be 5 variety isnt doing good with water,the reds are all doing wonderful and the oranges are fine too.
What would you do with all these cuttings! I know there is a change of them rooting,I have rooted a cutting in the past.



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Kale...That is the way my granny taught me...and I have never had an trouble starting my rose cuttings...everyone makes it and becomes very healthy plants...
Why do you suppose,is it because of the "slightly smashing the end" *lol (I find that cute, interesting and :D the way you said it)
or the willow tea.Or both?
I may be able to make the willow tea, I think a friend has a tree,not certain.
I wonder if they get a stronger root system this way...If it works I'm all game!:D
What kinds of rose cuttings?

What would you do with all those stem cutting (above)?

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