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Does anyone have salvia seeds?? :confused: No replies to my more recent posts here....hmmmm.....ok. My salvia seeds I had this year brought forth NOTHING!! This has got to be the most disappointing gardening year I have had yet. Well, guess I better save my pennies over the winter and buy what I need in Spring. Thanks to the traders who have helped me out. Still lots I want and don't have. I miss my Pink Candles Celosia I had one year--so many plants growing together that I had 2 big bushes of it. The bees and butterflies LOVED it--even hummingbirds loved them!! Miss my Brugs, my elephant ears, Swiss Cheese plant and so many other things I had. Well, it time I will have the splendor back. Thanks to all anyway. Lost the address for my Salvia friend in CA who always shared such LOVELY salvia seeds with me!! :eek: Later!! ;) Bonnie
bonnie I don't have any this year. I lost a couple of my sages this last summer and will have to replace them. I got some new salvias at the sale at the Lady Bird Johnson wildflower center yesterday. I hope they will grow this year and I can have some seeds next year. This drought did in a lot of plants here in central tx. we have been on water restrictions all summer and down to one watering a week for 6 weeks so it was hard on the plants. it has cooled off and started raining again now so maybe my new babies will live.
Too bad I can't share some of the rain we been getting!! We have had flooding--some people died and some lost everything they had. We went from a mild drought to flooding over the period of one day!! WOW!! Never seen such a mess!!! Roads closed for a week and more due to water still covering them. That was maybe 2 weeks ago--raining more today!! You probably been getting rain now too--after losing your plants, huh?!! Sorry!! Maybe we will both have more, nicer things next year! Hope springs eternal!!! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to