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I would like to save seeds from the peppers I started this year. Do you simply let them dry or do they need anything special like tomatoes do? I have grown Peter Peppers for a few years now and would like to simply save my own seeds rather than buying. I paid over $5 this year for 24 seeds! Sheesh!
I use a plastic type paper plate so the seeds don't stick as bad. Pepper seeds are easy to save. I do make sure the peppers are real ripe on the bush before I pick them.
What I do is too cut the top just so I can pull the seed core out then let them dry on the top. Once dry I put them in baggies. The following season I just brush them off the top. I find that if I try to place them on something some times they get stuck to paper or plates. Paper is not so bad as you can plant it but the plate makes it hard to get them off sometimes.
Nothing fancy, just do whatever works for you. I put mine on paper plates and write the name of the seed on it, since I usually have several varieties drying at a time.
When you have some seeds ready perhaps you would trade a few for something?? heirloom tomatoes, vines??? LMK (PM)!! My seeds did not produce any peppers this year--bad soil or bad seeds??!! Most of my seeds were about 3 yrs old anyway Bonnie/Fidelslady

PS Crabbergirl--WOW!! Great idea!! Thanks!!
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