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Kya D

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I wanted to hear from y'all and find out what kind of things you say in everyday conversation that are regional or just things that ya say.
I say things like "My stars and garters":confused:
I called my kids (when they were little) rug rats, curtain climbers, or Linoleum lizards. :D
" For crying out loud":(
Please post your Fav's
I've been raising other peoples children for 30 years and the big one is from the movie Bambi, If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. Grew up in Minnesota and still after 35 years say ooftah.
I love the saying from Bambi. I love when thumper rolls his little foot around when he says it
I was raised in so. utah by parents who were raised in so. utah where O's are said as a hard A. At least by the old timers.
My dad always said Harse haller that meant horse hollow.
In Saint George it gets really hot we call that area Utah's Dixie. People from that area are sorghum lappers. Mom (who was born and raised in Dixie) always used to say it was so hot in St. George that if she had a ranch in Dixie and a home in hell she would sell her ranch and go home.
My mother used to have some sayings that probably meant something to the farm people around her, but I didn't understand the meanings. I had no trouble though understanding the tone of voice. The only one I can think of right now though is, "Well, I swan!"
I have lots
instead of "For crying out loud!" I say "for the love of all that is gooey"

"Cheese and rice" instead of something else
"cheese whiz" instead of "gee whiz"

"My biscuits are burning" or "That reall burns my biscuits" or some other references to biscuits

and also refer to different points of my "p*ssivity level" which is in reference to how angry something makes me

I too use "Oh My Stars and Garters!"

I aslo use "fetch" a lot like "I'm gonna go fetch...."

also use "Scooby Snacks" in reference to small portions of food "Gonna go make me a Scooby Snack"

I know I have many more these are just the ones that came to the top of my egg at the moment :D
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This is a cute thread KyaD b/c sometimes, especially when we travel, I think,"Did I get yelled at and complimented?" Sometimes a friend in Canada writes and uses words that I had never heard ('nattering'). Being from Pittsburgh, we DO have an accent. For example: "Jeetjet? No, j'ew?" = Did you eat yet?No, did you? Your rubber bands are our 'gumbans' . We 'redd up the huse' while others clean their house. We have pop, not soda. Try not to have a 'nebby' neighbor b/c they are nosey. We go 'worsh', not wash. And stay out of the 'jagger bushes' b/c those thorns will surely hurt you ~ :)
My Mom used to say "longer than a polygamist's clothesline"
My Dad rode harses, ate carn with a fark,
Years ago I had a man tell me that he had lived in places where they rode harses not horses and ate carn not corn but Southern Utah is the only place that you go to church and worship the Lard not the Lord.
My elderly grandparents, great grandmother and relatives would say:

gwine for going
Over yonder for over there
two bits for a quarters
kiver for cover
yes-tid-y for yesterday
I am from Ohio (pronounced O-hi-uh ;)

"Toward the lake" means "north" and "toward the river" means "south."

My Dad would say "hit the sack" (go to bed)

And we drink pop too Curbie :)
"hit the sack" was (in my mind), din't do my homework but MOM TOLD ME so ....oh, well....."Did you turn in your homework today?" told me to hit the sack so... Cleveland is uptuwn and Cincinnati is duntuwn and everything else is nowhere ~ nope, there is no Dayton, Uh-high-O, and no Culumbus either. How could Culumbus get to Uh-high-O???? Did he start in Picksburgh, the center of the universe???? He floated dun the river (which Picksburgh created) and ran into the river bank, started walking and decided he would sit dun and call that Culumbus where he 'hit the sack" ~ It all makes sense......... :)
I have always been told that the reason Garrison was settled was because the pioneers said "we will wait here JUST until the wind stops blowing."
I really never does.
I love our language and all its idiosyncrasies. We are a diverse people and delightful when communicating.
WOOHOO! so now we have 'free speech'? But you are correct. We all have so many ways (now see, I'm going to laugh) of communicating that it all should be meaningful<<. OK, I'm done ~ I don't want to say something wrong here :) :) :) ~ C.
I have no clue where I picked this up but find myself saying it quite a lot when I'm tryng to rush someone else:

Pick up the pace, picante.

'Kick it up a notch~ BAM!" ~ :) I find myself always humming the Oscar Meyer weiner song behind those folks.....but I make up the words : Oh, I wish I wasn't in this store right now, cause this is where I really shouldn't be-e-e ~ cause if you were an Oscar Meyer weiner_________________ :) Curbie
We call our canvas shoes sneakers, i know some call them tennis shoes
we call it soda not pop, pop to me means a popsicle.
After seeing Mary Poppins as a child I tell my day care kids spit spot whenever we need to move along, It's still pop in Minnesota where I grew up and my New York friends bust my hump whenever I say Minnesota.
These are great keep em coming,
Utahans are sometimes called over homers cuz we always says we are going over home
then there is "yonder"

up yonder, over yonder, down yonder

and "mosey"
gonna mosey out to the mail box

and "fixin to"

I"m fixin to do that here in a few
Mom used to say things like
Harder than a rock
darker than the inside of a cow
colder than a mother in laws kiss
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