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I planted a few Shasta Daisy's two seasons ago in the fall, but they did not bloom last summer. Did I do something wrong?


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Hi gardening,
Mine always come back fine but then my zone is higher. Did you have a coller than usual season last year? Not sure why they didn't. All I can think of is the cold.
Sorry, I am sure someone will pop in with and answer.
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hello really is hard to go wrong with shasta daisy...when we were in California...I called them a weed as I couldn't keep them under that I am back in Oregon they seem to grow inder control..I am wondering if it is just to short of a season for you...has the greens come back both years ?

Kya D

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Mine come back every year and multiply like crazy and I am in zone 5 or 4 we get -25 at times.
Full sun is all mine get.
BTW Gardening I am happy that you made it to our site.


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Sometimes perennials don't bloom the first year. taht being said, I would make sure they were getting plenty of sunlight and don't fertilize them with a high nitrogen fertilizer like Miracle Grow.


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Mine didn't bloom the first year I planted them but they have each year since. I question it to and I was told they didn't bloom the first year. Mine are in sort of a dry area and it also helped when I gave them extra water.


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Well, I'll have to check my sunshine. A few are in partly sunny spots and those are quite small. Others are in full sunshine. Maybe, I'll have to transplant a few that are in part sun to better sunlight.

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