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Winter up here in New England has been, well, abnormal, to say the least. Warm, freezing, wet, snowy, back to rain, then some sun again....

Before the cold set in last fall, I did my research on winterizing my roses, (4 hybrid teas, 1 ground cover and 1 climbing,) so I carefully pruned each one back, covered each with a layer of top soil, mulch and hay.

Now that Spring is on its way (hopefully), I am curious as to when I can loose the hay, mulch, soil layers and let them "breathe" and grow again.
I know March's weather can turn south quickly & normally I don't plant anything new until mid May but when would be a good time to do this?

Thanks all for any advice you can share.
Oh, and I'm new, hello everybody! :)



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I've never covered my roses and the all do well, I trim them back in the spring when I see there getting out of hand or if there any die back, this has been a very odd year to say the least I never had more than a week of snow cover in yard not like in the years past, I know parts of New England got lots of snow and rain, so its wait and see how thing do this year, I can't wait until I can start to fill the shade house and green house with plants, I will start when the night times temps stay around 50/55 some time in mid April


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Received some old time advice....uncover roses and prune once the forsythia in your area begins to bloom.
Over the past day or 2 I have noticed the yellow flowers come out so this weekend I'll take off my roses winter coat and hope I winterized like I was supposed to!



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I hope so too Lyn, I planted a gorgeous 4th of July climber last spring, I'm hoping this summer it will do well.
Yours are blooming already?! ...lucky


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Oh I know the feeling. I used to live in Kansas and would have to wait until later in the year. But the nice thing about the south is that you get to see flowers so much earlier than up north. One of the reasons I moved down here. That and not much snow.


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Eventually, I'll find my way back down south but for the time being, New England it is.

I am fond of the seasons here, though winter some years, can last a bit longer than one would like.
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