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1. hosta garden
2. garlic plants
3. my first poppy
4. beautiful boots
5. green columbine


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Beautiful Karen. LOL! I have the same boots that an old man gave me he had painted on yello and one blue. I haven't decided what to plant in them yet or where I am going to put them. They weigh about 80 lbs each. So I only want to move them once.
Ok, I tried to post, but it's not showing up. Sorry if you see this twice.

I love the boots! What a great idea

What's the plant in the second picture?
the second picture is my garlic. the boots are my daughters idea, her dad left them on the porch for to long so she planted flowers in them..
Sunflower your flowers are beautiful. Never saw a green columbine before. TFS

I am collecting some old shoes and boots. I plan to plant in them. I saw where someone had done that and put up a sign that said "Garden of Lost Soles." I want to plant in my husband old boots but he won’t part with them even though he hasn’t worn them for at least ten years.
Very pretty Sunflower. I really like your orange poppy. I've never seen a green columbine either. Cute boots to.
i've never seen a green columbine either, would love to have some seeds if you get any extras this yr
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