Spider anyone????

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Found this spider in my green house, my DD had a fit and wouldn't come back in. My son says its a jumping spider and it is HUGE. I had him remove it as I didn't want a customer to end up with it in a plant I sell, LOL. It gave me the creaps and I kept looking for it while I worked in the greenhouse with hopes it wouldn't jump on me.


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Does he have green eyes? Hard to get a good look at him as it is so dark. And nothing to rate his size against. He could be a mouse spider which you do not want. They can be very dangerous. Can you get a better pic with some color?? Also you can put him in a jar and your ag agent should know exactly what he is.
We only have 2 kinds of spiders here that are poisonous. But we have some really icky looking ones too
I guess I would have my son take him out too.
I was out yesterday moving a few pot's around.I saw a spider that look's like that and it did jump.I scooped it up and made it jump across the yard LOL
That is a jumping spider, you can tell by the metallic looking fangs. I've seen some that are an inch and a half long. Eucalyptus is great for keeping spiders and some other insects to a minimal, they hate it. Or do like me and get one of these guys to stand guard in your garden. ;) As you can see, he eats well.
MY son put it down the embankment for me, I couldn't stand looking at it anymore, It was white with a pattern on it's back YUCK is all I can say.
riverdog my son keeps telling me to get a lizard for the greenhouse, I might just have to take him up on that.

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