Spider mites Invasions

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I have mites so bad they are killing the weeds in my garden., :eek: I am way behind planting and clearing my garden,,, I started to work on it last week and noticed the weeds looked oddly sick,, and had a familiar sick look,,,

I have spider mites WEBBING in the weeds,,

I want to stay organic as much as possible and still wipe them out...

I have seen all sorts of methods, but which do you all suggest that will not break my back or the bank...

Kya D

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Oh Green I wish I could help, but have never had spider mites.
But that said I do want to welcome you here.


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Hi Green!
Oh boy spider mites!. Yuck :eek:
I applaud you for your organic desire. You can purchase Safer Insecticidal Soap, Neem Oil or Organicide at most large chain stores that carry garden supplies ( Lowe's, Home Depot, A.C.E.) A great on line source, I know you need it now so for the future, is Gardens Alive. They have several organic solutions you can purchase. I make a hot pepper garlic spray that I use as a general killer when I have time to make it.
You can also make a quick soap spray with 2TBS of Castile Soap and 1 tsp olive oil in 1 gal of water. Shake well and spray. ( Other oils such as fish oil, sesame oil,can be used)The oil helps it stic and the soap is a caustic.


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Oops! The oil kills the pests and the soap act as the emulsifier which makes it stick to the foliage


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OK thanks..... I recently heard about using diluted coffee... any thoughts on that?? I have used soaps and oils in small areas and found them to be marginally usefulness ,,.. and it takes soo long,, DRAT I was hoping for something a bit ,,, harsher,.. lol



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For your major spidermite infestation I'd use Neem! A little goes a long way!
Follow the directions on the bottle. You may need to reapply after a few days to kill off any eggs that survived and hatch!


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This will take awhile, but maybe future use.
Search for spidermite predator or something along those lines, on google.
Once you figure out what will kill them, bug wise. Seach for say ladybug attractors or something like that.
You should find some flowers/herbs that will attract the bugs you need. Then plant them.
I know this is late now, but next year you can add some color and some organic bug killer.
Marigolds are a good all around flower. I am planting well whatever have a bunch of flowers to get going.


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OK well I have all the items already suggested. other than the plants or ladybugs,, SOO guess I better get to work as soon as this bad weather clears.

Thanks all......


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Ive given up gardening for a couple of weeks owing to the good start and dismal development of my seedlings ( damping off etc). And those that seem to have survived, turned whitish, with odd red-brown moving dots mostly on the underside of the leaves and fine silken webs.

I figured they were spider mites.

So I tried the best I could given the circumstance (infestation plus dry arid summers - im in zone 11)
I tried blasting them with water - didnt do much.
I tried the 1:1 alcohol solution, the plants survived but the infestation persisted.
I tried washing the leaves with soap and then rinse them off to physically dislodge the critters, once a week but didnt do much as well.
Frustrated, I used GardenSafe fungicide3 - fungicide, insecticide and miticide - neem oil as active ingredient. The spider mites survived but my plant died.
With the few remaining plants that I was able to grow from seeds, I used a pesticidal agent (lambda cychalotrin) which a neighbor gave me some. Perhaps the mites decimated but so did my viable plants (marigolds).

What else can I do?


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Buy plants already grown large enough to be immediately planted out in the garden!
Then you will miss the dismal experience of watching all your hard work come to a sad end! We've all been there but gained a lot by the experience!
Next year will be a better year!


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I hate any kind of spiders and the above discussion provide me satisfaction and able me to remove these pest from my house.


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For us rubbing alcohol and water in a 50/50 mix worked. We put it in a spray bottle. Now every plant we purchase gets a spray down before going in the garden.

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