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Kya D

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A man I know sells iris as a fund raiser and he sent me a CD with all of the iris he has to sell and Holy Cow there are 355 different iris. I am in so much trouble. I am having a lot of trouble just whittling down my list of wants to an amount I can reasonably handle. :eek: They are all so gorgeous. And because they only sell for a buck or two I really just want them all.:rolleyes: Know what I mean????:confused:
WOW that is a lot of iris.. People keep giving my iris, i have around a hundred to plant in the fall, letting them dry off some and getting the spot ready to plant. so I have a lot of them, which I like lots, so I understand how you feel, but as long as people want to throw them away I will keep taking them, as they are free most of the time.Hubby just laughs and shakes his head at me and the kids keep saying NO MORE PLANTS. But I love it any way and take them. After all they are for ME. Hubby always says the yard looks great so I know he really doesn't care if I adopt them all..
Isn't it the truth I will have about 150 to plant this fall all named iris and so far the ones I have ordered are just beautiful.
I have been given tons too, some how ya just can't say NO to free plants.
You are so right Kya, I never met a free plant I didn’t love. I have dozens of irises in my garden and didn't buy a single one. One day about seven years ago I found two boxes full of them in my carport. All were nicely trimmed, clean and ready to be planted. I had no idea where they came from but I planted them all. Year before last I was out in the garden and a lady stopped by and said she knew her irises would be happy in my garden. Seems she had asked her husband to dig up the ones she had tagged so she could take them with her when she moved. The guy didn’t hear well so he dug them all up. She didn’t want to throw them away so she dropped them off for me. I got a few others from my daughter who found them in her neighbor’s trash. This spring my son brought me six more that his neighbor had thrown in his trash. My kids know me so well. Actually most the plants in my garden have been found in people’s trash, started from seed or cuttings or I got from trades. I rarely buy plants and when I do they must be on sale. I’m glad I don’t have the CD I would surely be tempted to buy some if they are only $1 each and I would really have to get rid of something to make room for them. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to