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I was working the show last night and my bf bought me String of Bananas from one of the booths. It's a very cool plant and I've always had a thing for succulents. The only problem is, I've never cared for a plant before.

It's a hanging plant... I live in Kansas. I've heard birds can eat the leaves and that the plant is very poisonous if eaten. I have a dog so that worries me but she's small so I just need to hang it up where she can't reach it.

Could I get some help? I'd hate for my bf to have bought me a plant that I absolutely love only for him to see it wither and die.

I need as much information as possible. I don't know when to water it or how often. I don't know how much light to put it in or if I'll even be able to put it outside.
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Can't say that really helped me. I had already been there and many other sites before I resorted to forums and actual people. I wanted something specific. That may be specific to you, but to me, it's a bunch of technical stuff that I have no way of knowing as a beginner, really. So, again. I need actual help. Not a reference, please.
hello Kansas and welcoem to the place...I have never grown these but lets' see if we can break down what you want to know ...according to the link at Daves' you can grown indoors or outdoors...depending on your i use to live in Kansas i would think indoors would be best for you...Requires consistently moist soil... do not let dry out between waterings...All parts of plant are poisonous if if oyu have kids or pets I would keep it up blooms in late winter/early spring...

and should be grown in light shade area...
you are very welcome Kansas....I usually just get some jute and tie it around the pot well is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to