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The Hydrangeas I recently planted are getting baked by the hot sun we've had here recently. Since they are more fragile after first planting, I wondered if any of you might have any quick-fix suggestions for giving a little sun protection during the day?

Maybe a square frame elevated above it with some screen door material or lattice attached?

Im trying to give them a good watering in the morning before I leave for work but they still look exhausted late in the day. I think, at least for a few weeks until they take hold, some sort of shade might help out. What do you all think/recommend?

Thanks !
A temporary pergola would be cool something you could move elsewhere when you wanted to and it would be attractive. You could anchor it with those screw in stakes for doggie tie downs rather than sinking the post. Googel pergolas and I bet you see some cool ideas and plans.
Where I am here in Fl there is a lot of palmettos and I would make a light frame and thatch it with palm fronds.
Hydrangeas need afternoon shade and lots of water!
Do you have a spot where you can move it?
Maybe you could make a temp. shady spot with some kind of cloth or weed barrier over it to shade it.
I would make a shade out of cheesecloth or shade cloth available at the hardware store. I've made shade for plants before.
Hydrangeas need afternoon shade and lots of water!
Do you have a spot where you can move it?

Well, moving it again might be bad as well. I did come up with a solution though :)

I picked up some wooden 36" stakes and some "sun shade" screen door material and made some temporary shades. They are about 32" x 32" and are stretched right above the Hydrangeas. I figure it will help to shield them from the intense midday sun, but still allow the less aggressive morning and evening rays. Too dark for pictures now, but I'll snap some tomorrow or thursday to show what I did.
Here are the quick pics. Made one for the Hydrangea in the front as well. Yesterday we had temps in the 90s and today with heat index it should feel over 100. Eeeeek.
Glad I put these in!
Oh, and I dead headed the Hydrangea that was looking bad. Figured it will need to focus its energy on growing anyway. The blooms were getting brown and shriveled so it was about time.


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Thats wonderful...wished everyone cared for their plants that much!!! Hope they appreciate it and grow big and beautiful for you!!
Thats a cool idea... but I would permantely plant a taller plant behind it that will give shade to it. This is how I arrange my vegetable garden.
Thank you both.

Hopefully after some time to establish a solid root system, these wont need much sun protection. Seeing as how I'm in zone 6a they *should* be able to handle full sun. I'm thinking 4-8 weeks or so with the shades and they should probably be doing pretty good.

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