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I went out yesterday made a few photo's.I still have a few flower's.Most have gave up for this year.But I still have a few to share.


  • Mom's flowers 09 003.JPG
    Mom's flowers 09 003.JPG
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  • Mom's flowers 09 006.JPG
    Mom's flowers 09 006.JPG
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A few more:)


  • Mom's flowers 09 011.JPG
    Mom's flowers 09 011.JPG
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  • Mom's flowers 09 012.JPG
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I see you have a pink angel trumpet. It sure is pretty. I have one but it hasn't bloomed yet. I was about to give up on it until I noticed last week some pods hanging on it. My yellow one has been in bloom for about a month now.
You sure have a gorgeous rose.
The pink has been in bloom for a long time .But my yellow one and the white one has'nt bloomed yet.Sort of strange.:confused:
Beautiful flowers Spider. My brugs had tried to bloom all summer but the blooms haven't opened fully because of the heat. I should have some new blooms soon with fall on its way.
Is that goldenrod? It's beautiful! And is that a Rose of Sharon or some other hibiscus? It's kinda late to still have a Rose of Sharon still blooming.

Wonderful pictures.
Is that goldenrod? It's beautiful! And is that a Rose of Sharon or some other hibiscus? It's kinda late to still have a Rose of Sharon still blooming.

Wonderful pictures.

Yes the goldenrod's in full bloom here it's everywhere.It's a Rose of Sharon
their still full of bloom's too.
I still have cosmos, bachelor buttons, J. artichokes, poppys and some others blooming. EVERYTHING is so pretty. I hate to see the season end.
My rose of sharons are still blooming. My dinner plate hibiscus would be blooming now too if the deer didnt eat it. The frost usually gets it before I can get any seeds from it. I've got dahlias, canna, mums, and some other stuff in bloom. Dark so I can't look out and see. The frost will be coming soon and they will all be gone. Hopefully I'll have a better garden next yr, the deer destroyed my flowers this yr.
Thanks for sharing your blooms with us
Beautiful spider! We have had so much rain the blooms are rotting before they open. Swamp plants are the only things blooming here.
Ohio here & I still have flowers blooming.
Some blooming are:Trumpet Vine,Rose of Sharon, Hibiscus,Cosmos,Poppys,Zebrina Mallows, BES,Wave Petunias...Morning Glorys & a few Sunflowers.
things are winding down here......still some dahlias blooming, and of course mums and asters, but most things are gone......its sad........ is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to