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Wow! I got my box yesterday!!!! I thought alright I have poptarts, ( I just happen to love pop tarts and in fact bronw sugar cinnamon) then I realized it was from you! Which was even better than pop tarts! What wonderful Dahlias! I can't wait to get them in the ground.
Thank you Thank you Thank you. When blooming season is over I will send you more of the lilies. I waited to long to dig them. I am collecting red columbine seeds right now if you would like some let me know.
Your very welcome and sorry they weren't pop tarts.I would love some red columbine, i have all purple, which is nice but have been looking to get other colors. You might want to save some for the next secret exchange I'm going to do next month, it's red,white and blue flowers, for the 4th of july. Again your very welcome and thanks for trading with me, Karen.
I just cut pods last night. I will let the seeds dry and mail them out on Monday. I just planted some last weekend and hope they do well. I started them in a pot. Our sand just isn't good for starting seeds like that.
Oh that's a good idea for the exchange. Hope no one reads this. LOL! ;)
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