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corn freek!

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Super corn!!


Well...lets see the corn!!

can corn save the world...??

food, fuel...biomass...

I came across 10 seeds...there huge.

I sprouted 5 seeds 5 weeks ago.

these corn are now up to 6 feet tall.

the parent corn tree last year was 28 feet tall.

I know..I know...this guys 1st post..well stay tuned.

last year I was playing basketball and saw these what looked like trees with tassels...corn tassels..above the baskeball hoop...wait a minute...WAY ABOVE THE HOOP!!

ANYWAY.... the ears were almost 3ft long and there were 4 ears on this monster!

I know..this guys whack.. right..

heres the pics..this corn was sprouted on 4- 13 -09...lets see..
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Hmmm. Sounds like field corn did you ever eat any of the corn you saw last year?? I'll stay tuned for sure.
Oh by the way welcome!
Hi and welcome from South Carolina. That is some good looking corn!!!
Size really doesn't matter!:rolleyes:
These must be genetically altered corn!:eek:

Welcome aboard corn!
Welcome to the forum.....corn....yes, have heard some good uses for it. Living in SOCAL, you have year round growing, so it would be beneficial once the world gets set up to use it to it's full potential. Myself...I like the good old peaches and cream corn that matures in AUgust here...nothing like a good feed of fine tasting corn in the summertime.
loads of great people on here!!

thanks for all the feedback..last year i grew yellow corn...6 feet tall at 3 20 ears of 7 in corn..tasted waxie.

this corn is as bigg as the other corn in just 4 weeks.

when i saw this monster strain i could not beleve the 30 in ears..and hat was growing in clay hard soil...well lets just say ive got a eletronic fertilizer meter..and every 3 days iam giving it 1200 pm of fertilizer..and after 6 weeks iam ging flush the soil with 600 the salts from decayed salt...then go with organic non salted fertilizer..any feed back would be appreciated!!
Welcome, cornfreek! I don't know alot about corn but this sounds interesting. I am looking forward to hearing more about the "super corn"!
Kandy Korn is the favorite corn that I like to watch growing and especially like to eat it as well.
I grew a 6 pack of corn last yr for the first time. I got 2 ears from a stock. I didn't do anything to them. Wasn't sure what I was suppose to do. Will try 6 more this yr. Can't plant more unless I fence in more garden space cause of the deer.
Keep the pics coming and look forward to more info about your super corn
Welcome corn, you've sure caught my attention with this colassal corn post! Does this corn have a name? Where can I get seeds?
Looking forward to more pics and updates.
I had 14 rows of Peaches and Cream corn last year and am down to 4 bags of corn in the freezer. Am curious about the super corn though. Keep the pictures coming!
Myfedora, I've got a row of Peaches and Cream planted this year. This is my first year to try it. It's doing good so far and some stalks are getting tassels now. I have another row of a different type planted, can't remember the name at the moment..I want to say it's Silver Queen..but the P&C should be ready first. Can't wait to try it.
That's a lot of corn, MyFedora. That Peaches and Cream is pretty hard to beat too. My wife's stepdad had a farm just outside of Mansfield and he would plant a whole field of sweet corn. People from miles around would come out to his place to buy corn. Years back, his parents had a produce market in Mansfield and he grew up with the business and working the farm to produce much of what they sold in the market there. When he and my wife's mother got up into their 80's they moved here to Oregon so we could take care of them. But I know he really missed Ohio.
Mansfield is just down the road from us. There are some farmers that sell sweet corn around here but last year was $4 a dozen. Was glad I grew my own. About 3 years ago I was buying it from the amish for $1 a dozen. That was cheaper than growing it for me anyway. But they too raised their prices :( I had so much corn, beans and tomatoes last year I was giving away to everyone.
We are just now getting out sweet corn out. I am trying Kandy Korn, Incredible and Silver Queen this year. I grew some 2 years ago, but it ended up eaten by the wild life while I laid in the hospital, that was quite a bummer to see once I came home! Hoping to have much better luck this time around!
Myfedora I don't know if Ohio is in the same cycle area that SC is in or not. Based on the almanac Saturday sign is Aries, a barren sign that means it's good to kill weeds. Don't know if Ohio is in the same zone area as we are or not. Tuesday and Wednesday is Pisces which is a good planting day. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to