Sweet Shrub

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Sweet shrub blooming you can smell it all over my yard a spicy scent.:)


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I like it, i'm sure it wont live up here
do you know the name of it?
thanks for sharing

Kya D

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Laurie sweet shrub is it's name. It is beautiful Spider. I sure wish I had smellivision


Yes, I bet it smells wonderful. I like for shrubs the Blue Phlox, they are very bright and colorful and tend to help cover space. They also have a great aroma as well. I buy all my Shrubs and Ground Covers from an Online Nursery with locally grown plants and trees from Tennessee.

I hope these helped
Have a great day

Manda Dixon
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Mine is greening up but don't expect it to bloom this year!
It is very winter hardy in my zone 6/5, but are hardy to zone 4!

They are easily started from seed!
I just needed to be patient because they seeds have a timeframe of their own!
One seed germinated in the spring of 2010! The rest popped up early last year and expect a few more this spring!
I just potted up the whole pot of seeds with the one that germinated in a larger container and waited for the rest to do their thing! Need to dig out a few more this year and pot them in their own pots!
The large one will stay in its container since all I have is sandy soil, it requires a rich soil and a steady supply of moisture so patio planters is the only way I can grow them to blooming size!


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I've been meaning to get this for my garden but there appears to be two very similar types, Western sweet shrub, calycanthus occidentalis and sweet shrub floridus. Does anyone have any experience with these two plants? They're not very common over here and info such as hardiness, perfume etc. is hard to find:)

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