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This time of year we are all drawn outside to the garden. Just as us humans have been waiting for great weather so have a host of outdoor critters. Being aware and paying attention when outdoors can prevent you and your pets from encountering trouble.
When cleaning out beds that have a lot of plants or high growth I like to use a stick or rake to shake things up a bit, poking into the growth to scare out any snakes, rats or other surprises that may be take refuge inside. This seems to work rather well.

Make sure to wear gloves ( I am bad abouth this one)! Protecting yourself from stinging insects is very important especially if you don't know what reaction you might have to neurotoxins. Spider bites ( black widows and brown recluse) can be very toxic if not deadly.

Sun protection is not something some of us think we need to be concerned about. However with current environmetal changes the sun is causing more damage than ever befor in your life. Sunscreens, and proper clothing will protect you from skin damage. Besides who wants to work out in the garden in the sun when they have a sun brun?

What are your tips for safe gardening and outdoor activities?
Well here is one that most of us probably don't think about. If you plan on being outside for a prolonged period of time, lock your doors. Many people get robbed while they are outside doing other things and not paying attention to the house. Thieves are sneaky and will watch and pay attention to what you do everyday.
sunscreen a must after having skin cancer on my face. glove we are always finding glass and nails in the yard, must have dumped their garbage ever where in the old days.
good shoes so feet don't hurt at the end of the day and an old pillow for kneeling on that way my knees don't hurt when I'm done. I carry a small basket around with the phone in it, in case my family needs to reach me, hand lotion and chap stick in there also.
Ahhh Shoes! I am bad about that too. I am a barefoot baby! 1/2 the time I don't wear my shoes at work either.

How about poison Ivy? They use to have a product called Ivy block and it really worked well. I haven't seen it in years. Other than long sleves and spraying poison what ideas wo you have for poison Ivy and Oak?
I'm bad. I paint an herbicide on the leaves of poison oak to kill it. It would otherwise be the only green thing around here.

Please remember also to hydrate while working in the garden(water you and your plants)!
LB sometimes ya do what ya gotta do when it comes to some weeds in the garden.
We have ants and some bug killing my willow trees and had to use a pesticide on them. Only cuz nothing else seemed to take care of the problem.

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