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I just found something on my Russet potatoes that I don't remember seeing before... On one plant, where the blossoms once were, there are small, round seed pods or berries... Do these contain seeds??? I can take a picture if anybody wants me to... Thanks in advance. Dave
Dave I knew someone that claimed potatoes often make seed and she claimed she saved the seeds to plant. I have previously searched (google) potato seeds and there does seem to be seed on potatoes.
Well I'll be! You learn something new every season I guess. Thanks for the info. I'll have to save some and see what happens for next year... :)
I never thought about a potato having a seed ..but I guess every plant has to come from a seed at one time or another.. so I don't know why I'm surprised!
I don't think all flowers set seeds.

That's absolutely correct... Only a very few of the flowers have set these pods, but in searching the row, I have found several others that are starting to form them... Interestingly, this is only the Russet potatoes, and not the reds or the Kennebec potatoes, but I will be watching the rest... It's possible in the past that I just didn't notice these little round pods, but if I did, I sure don't remember it...
Keep us posted on how the seeds do. Inquiring minds want to know.
I don't think all flowers set seeds.
Hmmm, could that be because there are male and female plants? One sets seeds, the other doesn't?
Also, could the reds and the Kennebec's be hybrids and not seed producing?
I think I'll google this, my curiousity is killin me..LOL
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I thought of that male / female thing too, but don't know enough about plants in general to really have a clue... What I am going to do once the pods are fully mature is to test plant some of the seeds to see what happens... That won't be too long from now because the Russet potatoes are slowing down now and will be the first row that I dig... Oh this is so exciting! I'm all aflutter... :p ;) :eek: :rolleyes: :D
Dave, I planted Red Pontiacs and Yukon Golds and I remember seeing those too, but I didn't try saving any or planting them.
Well, I'll let everyong know what happens... I suppose it will be about a month... Our fair starts July 11, and I usually enter potatoes if I grow them and if I can find showable spuds... Regardless, I will try and see what happens...
Okay, I couldn't wait to see what these little berries looked like inside, so I picked just one... The Russet potatoes are starting to die down but will be another week or so before they are ready to dig, and from the looks of this berry it will be at least that long for them as well... I am wondering if they turn red when ripe... Time will tell I guess. I can't hold still enough to get a really good picture, but this looks just like a tiny tomato including the blossom leaves... When I cut it open, it was fairly hard, obviously not ripe, and looked EXACTLY like a tomato inside with very tiny seeds... The batteries in my camera ran down just as I was getting ready to take a shot of the cut berry, so this picture will have to suffice for now... More to come once I have the seeds dried and ready to plant in a pot as an experiment... Dave


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Dave that is interesting. Can't remember all I learned when I researched the potato seeds couple of years ago. I would leave the seed pods on the plant just as long as I can to make sure they are fully matured.
This is facinating. I've never heard of potato seeds before. I will be interested to hear how things progress. TFS
Potato seeds?

It's taken me a long time and sorry I've not been on here more than I have... Here is a picture of what remains of the "seed pods????" or berries from my potato crop... About the size of a dime... They are getting to the point now that I am going to cut them and lay the seeds out to dry a bit, then I will give them a try and see if they germinate... I tried some before, but I think I planted the seeds from these before they were developed fully... Dave


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