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when I was growing up my dad always used sevin on the plants to control bugs. I'm wondering what your thoughts are on this?? is it good to use?health? do you use it and if so how and why do you use it?? would you recommend it to others to use in there gardens and on the plants?? will it harm us and what about our pets? just somethought would be great on this subject. thanks Karen.
I don't usually use Sevin. If you need to use Sevin use late in the afternoon after the bees are through feeding for the day.
I used to use Sevin aaround the base of the house and in the basement to help control fleas. Thank goodness for Frontline!
I do use Sevin when all else fails. If I do use it on veggies, I follow directions many days before harvest and wash thoroughly.
It's great for flea problems, and from what I've seen ..doesn't harm pets. I have litterly powdered a black Lab till she was white..for fleas. It worked!
My brother bought a single wide, 2 bedroom trailor and we weren't able to go inside because of the flea infestation. I dusted the entire thing and three days later went in and did a complete was flea free!
Blue, Frontline is good but Sevin is cheaper! LOL
We use Frontline as well for our dog and cat. Really am scared of Sevin. We haven't seen any fleas or ticks on our animals for years.
Blue, Frontline is good but Sevin is cheaper! LOL

Yeah, but Frontline is easier!

I had an Aussie, Rusty, for 14 years who had a terrible flea allergy. One flea bite could send her into a cycle of chewing and tearing at her skin. I had two cats and two dogs, though, and being completely flea free was impossible. Then Frontline came on the market, and for the first time Rusty reached August without having a bare behind. It gave her such relief!

Two things in the modern world I never want to live without...Frontline and Google!
I have used seven on the garden but only as a last resort. I use Crabbers hot pepper spray more often. It does work on dogs and fleas. I've done that too. As I say it is the last resort.
You go Lyn!
Sevin comes in two strengths. One you can use on pets, the other is too strong. Keep in mind with any dust it will have effects on any insect it touches. It is indiscriminate..meaning it will kill honeybees the same as cut worms. The plight of the honeybee is evident in gardens across the US. While I am not saying your bad if you use it ...I am saying become informed on what you do use. Beneficial insects are in danger when you use chemical pesticides, not to mention the health risk involved with the handeling and ingestion of chemicals and chemically treated crops;)
NO!!!!! ...would not ...could not...use this...I go with the hot pepper spray and other natural options..
I don't use any pesticide in the garden, but I do use Sevin to control apple maggot and coddling moth in the fruit trees. But I also wait until the tree is through blooming before I apply any spray. I mentioned in another post that one year since I had not had any problem with the pests that I would forego the spraying schedule. I know it was a rough estimate, but at least 99 out of every 100 pieces of fruit were infected with worms. I let the whole crop rot that year.
Probably a good thing I didn't spray your fruit trees for you then, Miss Deb.
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