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Thanks for sharin'
I thought you were going to show me a picture of the owner throwing a cup of water on his/her cat while hanging on their new screen door!

Instead painted catz*LOL Unbelievable...

Oh Poor things....LOL!!! I know I would NEVER degrade my Furball like that....LOL!! Thanks for sharing Wolfie!!!
Oh, that's awful. I don't understand people, why can't they just accept their animals for what they are?

Sorry, I've been thinking very hard about bringing another dog into the family, and so browsing a lot of rescue sites. I feel the pressure of a full blown rant about irresponsible people and animals building.

Um, and on that note, I have to go and make another post.


Ok, a little digging around, and this may be a spoof.

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I feel the pressure of a full blown rant about irresponsible people and animals building.

That's o.K. Blue..I'm right there beside you!!!!

Moochie was returned 2 times before she became mine..and the reasonings that were givin as to why she was given up just made my blood boil

She is the sweetest loviest doggie and momma's little girl
Those other people don't know what they are missin out on!!!
Wow! I am speechless, but not surprised.
Now I know what to get my wife for Christmas! I can have her cats painted! :)
Now, do they do dogs?
OK, two comments.

1) If you have a cat that you need painted, and are willing to pay $15,000 to do so, e-mail me! I'll be more than happy to paint your cat. Heck, for only an extra $5k I'll even put on a coat of primer first.

2) Sorry folks, but these cats have been eating red herrings. Yep, that's right, you've been had, hoaxed, swindled, bamboozled and taken for a digital ride. Apparently no cats were harmed in the making of this humorous publication.

Click here for the full story:
I'm wondering about the health risks for the cats, I know there are chemicals in the hair dyes I use to dye my hair and it's better not to do it too often. I too checked into this, as I thought it was going to be about cat stories and experiences. I'll still share this. I once had the nastiest cat in the world. I got her as a hairless infant whose mother had been hit by a car, and she was the only survivor of the litter. As an infant she tore up my hands, big time, as I tried to feed her. She hissed and spit at everyone, growled whenever she ate and you couldn't touch her with a 10 foot pole.., and one day at about 2 years old she climbed in my dryer between loads, I got up to the top of the basement steps, dryer was at the bottom, and I didn't put any sneakers in the dryer, sure sounded like it, opened it up and there was China Berry in the dryer, sort of stunned. She had only been there maybe 15 seconds. I swear, her personality changed dramatically, she became the sweetest cat I ever had and lived 17 years. I do not recomend this to anyone with a nasty cat.
No cats were harmed. Plenty of pixels were punished in Photoshop, but no cats were harmed...

See my post above, they're fake photos, done for a humorous book.
Annette, it's amazing what a shock treatment will do as far as an additude adjustment to a pet. My minipin, Lil'bit was a terror as a pup. She kept my hands and arms in bandages at just a couple months old. She was a horror, couldn't touch her at all that she didn't draw blood! Finally I couldn't take it anymore and asked my daughter if she wanted to take her..she did. Lil'bit refused to eat, lost weight, was depressed and after a few weeks I felt so bad for her... I brought the little tazmanian devil back home with me. She has been perfect since, sleeps on hubby's head, is by my side at all times and is the perfect cuddling, lap dawg. She's 7 yrs old now and DH and myself would be lost without her.
There is a joke about a parrot that got put into a freezer to teach him a lesson. When released, he had learned to speak without swearing. But he also asked the owner what the chicken had done.
Randy, HI!

The Parrot didn't inquire about the undressed salad, or the rotten turnips?*LOL

Oh no, I bet Parrots will be painted soon..Now that would be competition.

I only gave the rudiments of the story as it has been around for at least several years, but it still was funny.
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