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Whew! I FINALLY got my garden tilled today... We live in Central Indiana about 40 miles north of Indy, and usually I managed to get a warm spell in Feb. to where I can open it up then, but not this year... As late as yesterday it was still frozen on top... The sun came out strong this morning and managed to thaw it just enough for my Troy Bilt to get the job done... Every garden is different, but in the case of mine, once you bust it for the first time in late winter or early spring, it dries out very nicely, and actually I can often till and get work done in my garden when other local folks just can't because their gardens are too wet... Anyhow, that part is done...

The tomatoes plants will go out about mid-March or so in the Wall-O-Water tents... A couple of years ago I set them out in late April and we left for Hawaii on a morning when it was 12 degrees here... I told her if they get nipped I'll just have to start again... They were just fine... I love those tents... Here are a few pictures of items I entered in the county fair last year to enjoy whilst we wait...
The first is a cabbage our oldest granddaughter grew in Grandpa's garden
The second is my stuff before I took it out to the fair... I couldn't find the fair pictures with the ribbons... My white onions didn't place, but everything else got blue and the carrots took Judges Choice! :D
You will have to click on these because I'm too lazy to upload them to my website... Sorry


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Congrats. with the fair ribbons.
My neighbor came down yesterday to let me know that he would be down with his tractor and till my gardens.Thank heavens for him he sure saves me a lot of time away from the walk behind tiller
Wow, that's a hefty cabbage! And the carrots are bigger than any I've seen. I grow veggies but not for ribbons, just to can, preserve and feed those that want it. Thanks for sharing your pics..makes me want to dig in the dirt a little harder!
Nice Job! I did the fair for years. Now I just don't have time. But your stuff is beautiful. Can't wait to see what you have for us this year.

I cultivated a few weeks ago and hope I can get time to set a few plants this week. I think our crazy unflorida weather is coming to an end!
Thanks... You may notice some doubles there like the yellow onions... One plate was our oldest granddaughter's entry for 10 and under... Grandpa' helps, but the rule is that if you don't do the planting and care yourself, you don't get to enter... With her it's no problem, but her brother? Weeeell that's a different story... I forgot about those potatoes too... They didn't get a blue ribbon and to be honest I can't remember if the even placed... When you add all my veggie entries and canning too, I can't remember it all... I do remember that my canned venison takes the ribbon just about every year though...
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