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Hm, so, let's see, that's red and yellow pimento, Redskin, Cherry Chocolate, Hawaiian Sweet Hots, Lemon Drop, Dedo De Mocha, Zavory, Pimiento De Cheiro, Melrose, Bishop's Hat, Kalidescope, Aji Angelo, and Cobanero. And Pilange!

And, you know, my supervisors.


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Typical for supervisors, I would say. I need to harvest some of my peppers too. I found a couple of ripe Roma tomatoes today though. Those are the first tomatoes I have gotten except for the Sungold on the back porch.
The dogs had more sense then the cats and I, they went back into the air conditioned house. It doesn't take them long to learn, either. Once Isabelle sees me step into the vegetable garden, she knows play time is over, drops her toys, and heads back into the house.
Beautiful! I harvested 157 # of spaghetti squash and took them to the market to trade without ever taking a pic. Can you believe it???
My peppers were looking good and then.......Rain again!!! and now there is a storm a brewing on top of that.
We finally had some rain last night, and it was a good rain, slow and steady. First rain we've had in over two weeks of upper 90's weather, too.
You guys can have it. Can you say El Nino!? We will have a very wet next few months. In addition there are now 2 tropical depressions waiting to be storms back to back. I knew it was way to quite for hurricane season.
Our August is typical as we have had light rain come and show us what is in store for the coming wet season. It's a beautiful day today though and I'll be puttering around in the garden for a few hours at least.
Lisa, I don't save a lot of seeds. Peppers cross pollinate easily and must either be isolated by bagging blossoms or by distance. My yard isn't big enough to isolate more than one variety each season, and in a moist season like this year's, bagging blooms is an invitation to fungus. So, I only try to save seeds on varieties that I can't get commercially.
LOL! I have my hots planted in a bucket in the back yard , even though they are several 100's of feet apart they sometimes do a little intermingling. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to