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I want to comment;
I had a thread on was volunteers where I ask if people keep them or yank them. I see on this site it says that the volunteers are more prone to the blight. So I will be yanking the vols. Do you mind if I copy this link to that thread??
The blight is from tators too, if you planted them last year and the had blight but you left the tubers in the ground to grow this year, they will have blight and spread it all over again. They need to be dug up and throw in the garbage not the compost pile. The inspector told me this when he look for blight in my plants, which were blight free, thank goodness.
In the first post on this page is a link to a very reliable and informitive site. You should check that out.
I think it can hit anywhere Kallie. I am in Texas and I pulled a couple tomato plants that I thought had blight or some kind of disease. I wanted to be safe and not sorry later.
I just planted my fall seeds. After all this rain we have been having mine have blight bad. The whole bottom half of the plants is brown and droopy:( Guess I will pull them all this weekend and solarize. Hope the new seeds are far enough away they don't become infected. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to