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I have never done onions before, but I planted some Scallions after the frost. Now the wife wants me to plant some red and yellow onions. I fear it may be too late in the year to start them now. I'm in central Florida and I believe you are supposed to plant them in or around Dec. here. Is it too late or do I have a chance at getting a decent harvest of onions this year?
Nothing like pushing the rules!
Crabber will be able to give you a better answer.
I'd give it a try! You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain if you do plant them soon!
Hi Riverdog,
Yes you can still plant onions. Mine are just now going to bloom. Somewhere on this form I have posted harvest pictures from a week ago. I will replant with sets in another week. If you are planting from seed you can do that also but as always will take longer. I will continue to plant onions throughout the summer and into fall. They of course will do better toward the end of summer but you should still get a nice harvest. Well drained soil a little on the sandy side enriched with compost has worked best for me.The worst thing you may encounter is if we have a wet year like last year. If condidtions are to wet they will rot in the ground. Most planting charts do not take into account the weather patterns we have in Florida even though they go by zone.
Cool, glad to hear it. How deep should I mix in the compost? I was thinking 2ft' should be good enough. Should I fertilize at all or just let the compost do it's thing and water as needed? Is it ok to plant lettuce or cabbage along side the onions? Are these enough questions? :rolleyes:

Thanks for the help! :D
i think 8 tp 10" is deep enough for your compost RiverDog...and it should take care of the feeding also...I do plant leaf lettuce/greens along the sides of my onions...
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Personally I don't use fertilizer but do use organice compost and such. Yes, feeding is important or the bulbs won't set large. 10-12" deep is plenty for most onions. Spacing is essential for production give each onion at least 6-8 inches of it's very own growing space and the add at least 2" inches in between plants. IF seeding plant about 10" apart.


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