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Looking forward to sharing and hope I am an asset to your very helpful and friendly garden forum.

Most of the things I like to do take big blocks of time. I often wish I could be back in Ohio and have the winters to be indoors. This is the first year I've taken vegetable gardening serious. Hopefully, getting over the learning curve will allow me some time to finish up the genealogy research I started some fifteen years ago. Maybe I'll get a sweater knitted for a grand by fall. I've wanted to learn to play the harmonica, but it never gets on the list of priorities.

Once I start to read the Word, seems I can't stop and it's the same way with weeding.
Hi neighbor from South Carolina. Glad you joined us, there are a lot of vegetable gardeners here on the site. I do genealogy as well. What family names are you researching?
Hi Bernice, I was drawn to your name. I had an aunt with the name Bernice. I haven't heard it since she passed 26 years ago. Welcome, better get to knitting! LOL Jump on in and have fun! Kim
Welcome Bernice
Glad you joined our gardening forum.
You have a longer growng season so
you'll be spending more time gardening and
growing new veggies. You're lucky
I'm in zone 5 and it's been cool here, just
planted some of my veggies last weekend
Jump right in and make yourself at home
Welcome welcome Bernice
I love the white rabbit.
I just know that you will love it here.
Welcome from the PNW. Glad you found us. I get called Bernice a lot. Real name is Bernadine but then I get called Bernadette. Can't win. LOL
WELCOME! I am a NE Fl gardener, actually all most east central. Anyway glad you are here. Sometime a radical zone change can throw your garden know how's out the window. If you need any help adjusting to the new zone just send up a PM I'll be glad to help. What part of SE Georgia are you in?
Hello Bernice from the great state of Texas. I too and familiar with the name Bernice as I have an aunt by that name. Welcome to GF, make your self at home. I hope you like it here.
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