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Hi all! I'm new here....
About 2 weeks ago I planted my first rose anything. It's a Sunflare Tree Rose. Having not done my homework (I'm a new gardener) I pulled the plant out of the pot and the roots completely fell off. I attempted to pour the roots into the hole with the exposed root cane(?) and added garden soil as well and made a mound of mulch on top.

Basically it has gotten worse and worse looking..drooping branches, yellowing leaves. I decided pruning it down might help, so I pruned most of the longer branches. Now I'm wondering if it's going to get any better and if it'll bloom again this year. Anyone want to educate me on roses? Thanks!
OMGosh Amber I think I might take the rose back to the store that sold it to you. I have never heard of all the roots falling off. If you bought it at a good store I would think they would replace it for you.
Hi Amber :)
Wow, I would have panicked! And you did your best, which is exactly what any of us would have done. Soooo, now that you see it's just not a happy camper, I agree that if you know where you got that rose, march it right back. Most places have at least a few month guarantee on plants, and I've taken plants back myself -- so YOU GO GIRL! My guess is that it had root rot before you took it out of the pot. How did it look before? How long did you have it?

Also, do a search in our search box on growing roses. I'm almost sure we're bound to have tons of info in here already that will prove useful for you. Especially look up "transplanting". And check the depth for planting roses.

Nice to meet you, btw

Oh, and PS: We love photos (hint, hint) :p
Thanks! It looked really good and smelled sooooo fragrant when I bought it (that's what really made me purchase it!). I don't think it's bad enough to take back yet though. TBH it looks better now that it's been pruned (I think anyways!). Will new growth and blooms come this year though? I feel like a complete gardening idiot. lol
Here's a photo of it before and after pruning. I improvised and used an old tree limb to help support it but finally went out and bought a little tree post to help keep it in place while it takes root (but don't have a picture of it).
Hon I don't think that looks so bad at all just a little shocked at its new world in your yard. I would go to the store where you bought it and find out thier guarantee and how long it is good for. Then Make sure you talk to a worker that will be there next year not just a seasonal worker in the garden shop and should at least remember you.
Then I would let it grow for a while and see what happens.
You might also pull some of the mulch away from the root ball, or shoot, what ever it's called. You know, the base of the trunk!! lol

Object being that you don't want that bit to stay damp as far as I know. Just a thought.

Great pics, and it's a cutie!
I agree Kya D... It doesn't really look all that bad. FX'd that it gets better looking with time.

Thanks! I'll do that Scarez. I have a feeling that the trunk (or whatever! lol) is going to take some abuse just due to exposure...sunlight, water, wind...etc etc. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to