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I know I could Google this, but I thought I'd get a little conversation going.

Unfortunately, I started my Carrots (and Onions actually) indoors before realizing that certain things (like carrots and onions) should be sowed directly in the ground. So now I'm just curious, have any of you ever successfully transplanted carrots or onions? I'm going to continue to try as a little experiment, but I'm wondering if I should direct sow as well if the failure rate is really that high.

Also, does anyone know why some things don't transplant well?



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Onions yes...Never have tried Carrots..but I would say if they are still tiny should have no problem if you just plant them right in the soil as is


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Oh ok so the key will be getting them in small then. Actually the little pots I have are biodegradable as well so I'm hoping that will help as well, since I can put the whole thing right into the ground!


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I'd cut off the bottom of the pots completely as any obstruction at all will cause the root to fork and grow at a bad angle other than that it should all be fine. Good luck with them!


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I tried to transplant some of mine one year. I would say maybe 1/4 survived. So, if it is worth the 1/4 to you, then I say go ahead and try it... but in general I think that root crops do not transplant well. If they are looking floppy I would just eat them. Yummm fresh carrots... mmmmmm is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to