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I moved into my house 4 years ago and the Trumpet vine out back was doing fine. It didn't have the large flowers my mother's plant had but the stock is smaller so I put it down to it being a younger plant.

However, over the next four years the neighbor’s tree has grown putting it mostly in shade. On top of that, it seems to be suffering from mildew.

I've read that they like partial to full sun. Can it be Full-full sun and will that help with the mildew problem and get it to flower again? It's hasn't for the last two years.

Yes they can be in full sun. The one that was in our yard while I was young was right in the middle of the yard with no shade anywhere.
I don't know anything about mildew
hello and welcome to the place...there are two types of Trumpet Flower or Trumpet Flower Vines...i do think they are called 'trumpet creeper' and 'cross vine'......the trumet creeper grows bunches fast and a larger trunk...the cross vine grows shorted vines and smaller flowers....when I was in California they could take over a yard in just a few years...the creeps that I have the cross vine and is easy to keep under control...with that all said I have never had any trouble with mildew on either of mine in either state...what zone are you in?...
maybe you need to put down a layer of mulch to help ...I am sorry I am not of any help to you
Trumpet Creeper can be very invasive around here in the south. I've seen it growing in full shade and full sun. What's your USDA zone?
My trumpet vine is in full sun and about 5 yrs old now. We "pole-trained" it so it hasn't spread out..just UP! Have gotten lots of blooms and hummingbirds :)

Good luck with yours Pegesuswing & WELCOME!
I was under the impression that trumpet vine and cross vine were different species. I hate my trumpet vine (came with the house). It is extremely invasive and I have tried to do everything to get rid of it to no avail.
I love them but we have such awful soil and weather here that I have never seen it spread is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to