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Kya D

Active Member
I really need some ideas for some fast growing trees that are hardy in zone 4
Paper Birch, Weeping Willow, Pussy Willow, Black Willow, Chinese Elm, quite a few of the Ash, Cottenwoods, Aspens, Northern Catalpa, Hackberry, Poplars, Lindens ... the list is a long one!
I found that Poplars are one of the fastest trees, growing several feet a year!
We have 2, at our family summer place, that are around 15 years old and are well over 60' tall!
How large is the area you want to plant trees on? Area will make a difference on which trees to plant.
Around here Poplars are used as wind breaks!
Ash come in second in speed of growth!
Poplars sound like what i need. I have an acre and the wind NEVER stops blowing here
Thanks Ron great advice
Willows are fast growers but you need a big yard for them because their roots run to find water. So no planting near drains and etc.. My corkscrew willow was about an 8 inch twig when I planted it 4 yrs ago. Now at least 15 feet tall or more. I planted mine where water stood in the yard. Don't have that problem anymore. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to