Wanda's Corn Salad

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While back in CJ last week made this wonderful salad up and it was yummy...and the colors made it look so wonderful...

2 large ears of corn
1 large green or red pepper---(if you are making a double recipe use one of each color)
1/2 red onion
Juice of one lime
Grated fresh ginger--- have no measurement some like alot ...some not so much
pinch of salt
One large tomato
chopped up fresh cilentro--optional
Cut the corn off the ears ---add to bowl
Cut up peppers and onion and add to bowl
Grate the ginger---if you keep it in the freezer it last longer and grates very well...add to the bowl...juice the lime and add to bowl and toss...then add your tomato and cilertro...toss and allow to set in fridge fora few hours...
Oh it is really good...I love to go out and pick and ear and munch away...so sweet and juicy

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