wanted clematis plants...

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I have tried the seeds and they don't grow for me, so I would love to get some rooted baby plants if anyone has some please pm me.. I don't have to much left to trade but do have a small list, I also have some other items like vhs- lesle sansone walk fit or disney vhs's, puzzles by thomas kinkade, books 4-1 inspiration readers. please pm me if you would like to trade, thanks karen, yes I'm cleaning out the house...
my trade list;
5- white moon vine
1- Hendersons lima bean
2 spinless okra
3- pumpkin
2-shasta daisy
2- purple swirl datura
1- agave
4- cantalope
1-small wave petunia
2-baby’s breath
1-japanese iris
2- basil
2- acorn squash
3- zucchini
3- sweet William
1-Wild grapes
3- large red cherry tomato

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